2013 Profile: Trey Washington

Gilmer DB Trey Washington will officially join the SMU football team in a couple of months so come inside who his favorite athlete is, what his goals are at SMU and much more!

PS: Who is your favorite football player of all time and why?

TW: It would probably have to be Barry Sanders because you don't see to many running backs like Barry. He always made you miss no matter what. He is the best running back of all time in my opinion.

PS: What's your favorite pro team and why?

TW: The Texans. I started following them after they drafted Andre Johnson, and I've liked them ever since. I'm from Dallas so I love the Cowboys, but the Texans just have that swagger.

PS: What is your favorite food?

TW: I have two. Pizza or shrimp.

PS: What is your favorite movie?

TW: The Blindside because a lot of it is what I went through so it really touched me. It's really inspirational, and I can't stop watching it.

PS: Who is your favorite musical artist?

TW: Chris Brown! Have to be be smooth like Chris Brown!

PS: What are some of your other hobbies besides playing football?

TW: I just like to kick back with my friends and family. I love having cookouts and just hanging out with them. I also like playing other sports. We play basketball on the weekends and if we want to get a little rougher, we play some rugby.

PS: What's your most memorable moment from your high school career?

TW: My junior year when we played Carthage. We had never beaten Carthage, and the score was tied 36-36. We had a kicker who was struggling but with nine seconds left, we put our faith in him, and he made it. The stadium was electric. It was just amazing.

PS: What's a fun fact about you that not very many people know?

TW: I've been told that I'm really funny, I don't try to be humorous, but I guess I'm just a funny guy.

PS: What are your thoughts on leaving home and playing at SMU?

TW: I more excited now than when I was committed. But I'm a little bit nervous because it's going to be a different level than what I'm used t. I'm pretty excited though because I have family in Dallas.

PS: What is one thing you've been trying to improve on this offseason?

TW: I've just been running and trying to improve my craft overall. I work out after school, and my main focus has been getting faster. I was hurt this spring with a hamstring, but I'm good now and want to drop down to a 4.5.

PS: Besides football, what's the thing you're looking forward to the most at SMU?

TW: The business school for sure. I'm really big on academics. I've always been an A student so it's pretty exciting for me. My grandma always tells me to make sure I have a great education to fall back on.

PS: What do you plan on majoring in at SMU?

TW: Accounting or international finance

PS: What is your goal for the upcoming season?

TW: My goal is to come in this summer and show the coaches that I have the talent, ability and discipline to play and not be redshirted. I really just want to make a good impression.

PS: What do you want to say to Mustang fans?

TW: This recruiting class is nothing like you've seen before. For the next four years, we are going to keep winning bowl games and win conference championships.

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