SMU Offers Big Time Tight End

TE Carson Meier has colleges intrigued thanks to his athleticism

2014 tight end Carson Meier had to do the best thing for him- even if it meant giving up on one of his life-long dreams.

The former basketball player switched sports to give himself a better opportunity at playing at the next level and from the looks of things, he made a good decision.

Meier, at 6-foot-6 220-pounds, says that playing football will yield him better results in terms of earning an athletic scholarship.

"I'm tall, I'm pretty big and I can catch and run well," Meier said. I've played basketball all my life so I'm pretty athletic. That helps me out on the football field for sure."

Oregon State, Washington State, Wisconsin, SMU and Rutgers have all offered him full scholarships thus far. Texas A&M has been calling and contacting him by Facebook and Oklahoma came out to his practice on Tuesday.

Although most programs are recruiting him as a tight end, Meier says that SMU is recruiting him as a defensive end. Meier, who will be playing on both sides of the ball next year at Hebron, says that he is liking defense more and more each time he plays a snap.

Meier got to visit the Mustangs recently and says that his trip was very enjoyable.

"It was fun," Meier said. "We went in and Coach (Bert) Hill talked to us for a little bit. Then he took me on a golf cart and he showed me around the campus and the football facilities before taking me back into his office and offering me a scholarship."

Meier, who visited SMU with his parents, says that he likes SMU especially because they are close to home. When asked about the importance of location the junior said that his parents care more about that aspect than he does.

At this point in time, Meier says he has no list of favorites but is anticipating a few more offers to come his way quite soon from Notre Dame and Stanford.

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