Colbert Excelling This Offseason

SMU commit Darrell Colbert has had an eventful spring. More inside!

When SMU commit and Houston Lamar quarterback Darrell Colbert attended the May 3 Elite 11 Chicago regional camp, he wanted to show why he will be much more than just a threat to run for the Mustangs.

He proved that and more during the camp by earning a Golden Gun Accuracy jersey after being selected as one of the top six quarterbacks to compete in the two-minute ‘pressure cooker' drill.

The drill is designed to see how well quarterbacks can perform when they have to think and not just play. The coaches tell the quarterbacks each route before the two minutes and then they must remember each route as they work down the field.

"It's a lot of thinking that goes into it because when you're going through it, they're not telling you what to do," Colbert said. "You just go to a spot and they already have balls lined up and the receivers are waiting on you.

"It was tiring because you're thinking a lot and you're running trying to get here, trying to get there and making all the throws, but I think I did good."

After Colbert's stellar performance, Elite 11 head coach and Super Bowl winning quarterback Trent Dilfer gave Colbert praise, but also some things to work on.

"He showed me a drill I could do because at Lamar, we are already in the shotgun so we don't do a five-step drop without a hitch, but at the camp that's what we were doing. He showed it to me then I kind of caught on after I did it a couple times," Colbert said.

Having a Dilfer there to teach young quarterbacks is something Colbert definitely takes seriously, and he soaked up every piece of information he could while at the camp.

"It was a big thing because you learn from somebody who has already done it," he said. "You're trying to do something he's already done so he can tell you the little things you need to follow in his footsteps to get where you want to be."

When Colbert competes in camps, he is comfortable even with the focus on mechanics and footwork, something most people think dual-threat quarterbacks can struggle with.

"Mostly, I'm on top of everything because me and my dad that's mainly all we do is mechanics and footwork drills. The drills we did at the Elite 11, I did with my dad," Colbert said. "It's not something I worry about when I go to camps because that's what I've been working on."

Colbert hopes that with his performance at not only the Chicago camp, but at the Dallas camp early in the spring that he will gain an invite to the final competition late in the summer.

"It would be a big deal for me," Colbert said. "It's an experience of a lifetime, and that's why I want to get invited. Just to experience the things and learn from the people down there. Definitely something I want to experience."

For now, Colbert will work on his timing with his receivers to try to get ready for various 7-on-7 tournaments including the state championship, which Lamar has already qualified for.

"I feel like I have four receivers that I can trust out there. The timing that we have is something that takes a lot of work. We work on Sundays," Colbert said. "I've put in a lot of work with my receivers so that if we have a lock down corner on one receiver, I have three other receivers that I can throw the ball to. All my receivers can make plays."

Colbert plans to trip to SMU for one of the summer camps if he can find time and also is planning on competing in the Red Bull 7-on-7 tournament.

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