Embody Evaluations

Managing Editor Billy Embody takes a closer look at SMU prospects

Chris Jefferson- OLB, Athens

Athleticism/Technique: Jefferson plays linebacker, receiver and could play safety, and it's a testament to his athletic ability. Jefferson is extremely quick and explosive and shows that on blitzes and when closing on opponents. If there's one thing you have to watch for when it comes to more development, it's for Jefferson to come to balance and make tackles because sometimes he does lunge.

Versus the Run: With Jefferson's quick feet, he is able to get by blockers with relative ease and beat the ball carrier to the edge. When his teammates are closing on the ball, Jefferson comes to their aid and tries to rip the ball out to make a play. Jefferson also does an extremely good job at turning plays to the inside by setting the edge effectively.

Versus the Pass: Jefferson plays extremely well in space and in pass coverage. With his experience at receiver as well, Jefferson is able to read opponents' plays easier than most linebackers. Jefferson has a good break on the ball and also displays a good zone drop and when he keeps his eyes on the quarterback, he's able to make plays with his zone drops.

Side Note: Colorado State, TCU, Texas Tech, Tulsa and UTEP have shown interest, but even if another school offers, Jefferson said he's sure of his commitment.

Offers: SMU


HT: 6-3

WT: 210

40-Yard Dash: 4.6



David Anzaldua- OT, Edinburg North

Athleticism/Technique: Anzaldua is a mammoth along the offensive line, but has slow feet it seems and needs some work on his technique. Anzaldua does have incredible strength, which allows him to overpower opponents, but needs better initial burst off the ball to manhandle opponents.

Pass Blocking: Anzaldua's pass blocking skills are average because his feet are not especially quick. Even with his long arms, he does not fully extend them, but instead just locks up with opponents. At the next level, he is going to have to extend his arms to keep pass rushers off of him. One thing that will help him is that he will be in a two-point stance at SMU, but will need to show better knee bend at the next level.

Run Blocking: Anzaldua takes big steps when driving opponents back and although he is extremely strong, at the next level he will need to take quicker, shorter steps to remain balanced and under control. His physicality in the run game is going to be vital to wherever he goes, but his mammoth frame needs to be kept under control more if he is going to be able to lock up on opponents. With his strength though he easily turns opponents whichever way he wants to open up lanes.

Side Note: To wrap this up, Anzaldua is an extremely raw prospect due to his technique issues. I think until he gets some quicker feet and develops his technique more, he could be a good right tackle, but would have trouble with pass rushers on the left side.


HT: 6-6

WT: 324

Offers: SMU, UTSA and UTEP



Devondric Meadows- DE, Lubbock Coronado

Athleticism/Technique: Meadows' athletic ability is clearly there with him being a good basketball player as well, but he has yet to really pick up good technique on the field. Meadows sat out last season so he will be working on technique this entire off season. He's a physical specimen, who has the quick twitch muscles, but needs to be trained to stay low and come off the ball quicker.

Versus the Run: With very limited film on Meadows, it is tough to say just how well he plays against the run or pass, but against the run he needs to look through his blockers more so he can react quicker. Meadows long arms will allow him to keep blockers away and shed them more easily if he can learn some moves. With his athleticism, he will play defensive end in SMU's 3-4 defense, but could even play outside linebacker in run stopping situations.

Versus the Pass: Meadows has the athletic ability to add some pass rushing moves to his repertoire, but must first focus on fundamentals. Meadows is an imposing figure out on the field and can knock down passes at the line, which is a very underrated skill, but he has the athletic ability to do so. Once Meadows develops his fundamentals, he should be able to add pass rushing skills with his quickness and size.

Side Note: Meadows is working on adding size to his 6-foot-4, 240-pound frame and has already added 50 pounds to his power clean.

Offers: SMU


HT: 6-4

WT: 240

40-Yard Dash: 4.8



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