Quartet Of Top Hoops Prospects Enjoy Visit

Four of the Dallas-area's top basketball players visited SMU. More inside!

2015 Texas Titans budding stars Tyler Davis, King McClure, Mickey Mitchell and D.J. Hogg visited SMU on Tuesday and became latest big-time basketball prospects to check in on the Hilltop and meet with Larry Brown.

Titans head coach Scott Pospichal talked about how the visit went for his four players and everything SMU brings to the table.

"I heard nothing but good things. Let's face it. You're in a situation where it has the chance to be an elite program. You got a Hall of Fame coach and a great staff in place," Pospichal said. "One thing I've always said as a parent is one of the greatest thrills you get as a parent is watching your kids pla,y and they all live here."

"How nice would it be for them if they got to watch their kids play every home game? What's not to like?"

Pospichal says it makes too much sense for players to check out SMU, especially with it being right down the road.

"It's a local school, and it's not everyday you get a chance to meet a Hall of Fame coach," Pospichal said. "So I think they should be excited and want to go over there first and foremost because it's got a chance to be a special, special place. It's convenient for them."

Davis, a blossoming center, McClure, a four-star shooting guard, Mitchell, a 2015 power forward and star quarterback for Prestwood Christian and Hogg, a power forward are just getting started in the recruiting process and have other schools to look at in addition to SMU.

"They're probably going to hit other places in the state of Texas as well. Texas has been very proactive as has Texas A&M about getting the guys to come down and say hello," Pospichal said. "I've talked to Tubby Smith, and (Texas Tech) is just a little more than an average drive."

Facing tough in-state competition is imminent, but SMU appears to have a leg up. Pospichal could not say enough about the great job SMU's staff has done since coming to Dallas, and it has people taking notice in the program because of it.

"They're on the phones and during the evaluation periods when you look across the other side of the court when we play, you see them," Pospichal said. "They're doing everything they can possibly do that's right to recruit our kids."

Pospichal doesn't know SMU's new assistant coach K.T. Turner well, but did continue to say that it's easy to recruit with the staff in place at SMU.

"I know Tim (Jankovich) and Ulric (Maligi), and those are the guys who do most of the talking on our side of the street. Then everybody knows who Coach Brown is," Pospichal joked.

In terms of fitting into the program, it was still to early to say just what SMU's plan is for his players.

"We haven't gotten to that point. It's easy to say Tyler Davis you'd fit in as a post player. You're just under 6-foot-10 and you're 274 pounds and you're a monster," he said. "King McClure you're really good, DJ you're really good, Mickey you're really good. They're all just really good," Pospichal said.

His players are not only great players, but great people as well Pospichal went on to say.

"They could live in my house. If you had a daughter and she said she was going to marry one of those kids, you'd feel good about it," Pospichal said. "They're great kids of character otherwise they wouldn't be at our program."

Another one of Pospichal's players, four-star 2014 point guard Alex Robinson, will be visiting SMU later this week and while Pospichal hasn't been able to talk specifics about what he is expecting, he did talk about how he has been playing lately.

"He's getting a tremendous amount of attention and he's been playing really, really well," Pospichal said. "He's played his best basketball for us this past weekend. Really played well, shot the ball well, led well, was a good teammate and did lots of good things this past weekend.

"He's a guy that I never really took out. In the quarters and semis, he never came out. Alex wants to play. He loves the minutes. Girls love shopping and Alex Robinson loves minutes."

If Robinson would have been on SMU's team this year, he could have gotten a lot of minutes with the short bench, but until he decides on SMU, he'll have to start by just visiting and taking in the Hilltop's beautiful campus as the Mustangs try to fill a big void at point guard.

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