Embody Evaluations

Managing Editor Billy Embody takes a closer look at SMU prospects

Michael Epley- DE, Leander

Athleticism/Tackling: Epley has some good size to him, but plays a little high and maybe that is a product of playing both standing up and with his hand in the dirt. Keeps his feet balanced, which allows him to wrap up and make tackles when given the opportunity. Epley's 4.12 20-yard shuttle is a great test to see just how good he can be in a short distance, which should serve him well at the next level.

Against the Pass: Epley doesn't have elite speed to be a true threat as a pass rusher, but does a good job of being able to disengage from his blocker and make a play on the quarterback. Epley will have to develop more moves in the pass rushing game, but in SMU's 3-4 defense, he will be asked to put on some weight and still keep his lateral quickness, which means he has a chance to rush the passer at the next level, but must get quicker.

Against the Run: Epley's strength is in the run stopping department due to his understanding of how to shoot gaps and keep offensive linemen off of him. Epley looks through his blocker to diagnose where the play is going and how to take the right angle to make the play. Because he shoots gaps well, plays are constantly blown up because of him even if he isn't the only tackler.

Side Note: Epley notched 80 tackles and 12 sacks last season. He was named his district's preseason defensive MVP by Dave Campbell's Texas Football.

Offers: SMU (Committed) and Rice


HT: 6-3

WT: 245

40-Yard Dash: 4.85

20-Yard Shuttle: 4.12

Vertical Jump: 32.4



T.V. Williams- WR, McKinney

Route Running: Even with all his speed, what makes Williams special is his route running because he is able to get defensive backs out of position by setting them up to be beat. On deep routes, he runs at the DB and then is able to plant his foot and run by them to create even more separation between him and the opponent. Williams also does a nice job finding the spots in zones to sit down for his quarterback. On hitches, comebacks and outs, he uses that plant foot to break away and create the separation he needs as well.

Hands and Technique: Williams has really good hands and is able to adjust well to underthrown or high balls by going up to its highest point to catch it. He catches the ball away from his body, which allows him to take hits when making a catch and hang on to the ball. Williams displays an incredible burst coming out of his stance too, which immediately gives him an advantage over the defensive back.

Big Play Ability: With speed that has been clocked in the 4.3-4.4 range, Williams is able to stretch the field extremely well and run by opponents. Using his solid route running allows his quarterback to hit him consistently on the go-routes and post-routes. For how small Williams is though, teams did not press him much in his film, which begs the question as to how well he'd play against a physical corner at the next level. Williams also is not as elusive as you would think, but if he can get by his opponent on a short route, it's going to be a big gain.

Side Note: Williams totaled 45 receptions for 800 yards and 11 touchdowns during his junior year campaign. That's an average of over 17 yards per catch. He will make a commitment on July 9.

Offers: California, Houston, Iowa, Kentucky, Navy, Nebraska, North Texas, Oregon State, SMU, Texas State and Toledo.


HT: 5-8

WT: 150

40-Yard Dash: 4.31

20-Yard Shuttle: 3.9

Vertical Jump: 36.5"



Cole Anderson- OT, Clear Falls

Athleticism/Technique: Anderson sometimes plays too high, but his strength allows him to control opponents. Anderson displays a great understanding of where to go on plays to be in a good position to make the block as well. He moves well in space for a big man and that allows him to pull and be a threat in the screen game as well.

Pass Blocking: In limited film of him pass blocking, Anderson's feet need to be a little quicker to deal with pass rushers, but his strength allows him to push him away. This is another area where better knee bend and staying lower could help him. Anderson is able to push opponents to the ground if they try to bull rush him, but speed rushers could be a problem for him.

Run Blocking: Anderson is extremely physical in the running game, pushing opponents to the ground and is able to easily turn them away from the play to open up holes due to his strength. Anderson does an okay job of staying engaged with opponents and keeps his hands inside well, but needs to stay balanced on his feet to be able to drive them down the field. His athleticism allows him to pull and get out in front of the back to create lanes down the field.

Side Note: According to Russell's interview earlier this month, Anderson has heard from Iowa State and Rice the most. Iowa State is where his dad graduated from but has yet to visit up there.

Offers: Air Force, Arkansas State, Houston, Indiana, Iowa State, Louisiana Tech, North Texas, Oregon State, Rice, SMU, Texas State, Tulane, Tulsa and UTSA.


HT: 6-5

WT: 275



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