Embody Evaluations

Managing Editor Billy Embody takes a closer look at SMU prospects

Tyler Harris-QB, Pierce County (GA)

Accuracy: When Harris is set in the pocket, every ball is on the money and easy for his receivers to catch. Each ball is thrown right between the numbers and right below the facemask. Even on the run, his accuracy is above average and the ball is put where only his receiver can catch it on comebacks, outs and hitches. He also has solid touch in the short to intermediate passing range and again, his balls are easy to catch for his teammates. What is another plus is that his offense is very similar to SMU's and the routes he is throwing would be almost second nature for him on the Hilltop.

Release/Arm Strength: Harris' arm strength is among the best I've seen this year and can put the ball just about anywhere on the field. His release is a little slow, but the ball comes out with so much velocity that it makes up for any time that the defensive back can make up on the receiver. On the run, his arm strength is just as impressive as he made plenty of plays on the run far down the field. Even with his release being a bit slow, his combination of arm strength and solid release point make his arm lethal.

Footwork/Technique: Operating almost exclusively out of the shotgun, Harris displays great set-and-throw footwork, but also a solid drop back. Harris could stand on his toes a little more, but with his big body, he does a good job of stepping into his throws and not just ‘arming' the ball. Harris does a solid job of stepping up in the pocket when it is there, but can also extend plays with his legs. He isn't going to come in and run the read-option, but he can extend plays much like Ben Roethlisberger.

Side Note: Threw for 2,466 yards and 29 touchdowns in his junior season.

Offers: Alabama, Kentucky, Middle Tennessee, Mississippi State, SMU, South Carolina, South Florida and Troy.


HT: 6-4

WT: 210

40-Yard Dash: 5.11

20-Yard Shuttle: 4.57

Vertical Jump: 28.1"


Ronnie LaRue- DB, Bishop Dunne

Ball Skills: Larue is going to be an extremely smart defensive back considering his knowledge of offenses and how quarterbacks go about reading defenses. He reminds me a lot of Hayden Greenbauer, who played quarterback in high school, but is now at safety for the Mustangs. Larue's athleticism allows him to make plays on the ball and he has above average knowledge of where the ball will be.

Technique: Larue is a smooth athlete, but his speed is not what you think it should be. Larue has fluid hips and has a good backpedal. With his speed not being elite, he will have to continue to have solid technique especially in coverage to keep up with faster receivers. Larue's athletic ability and size allow him to matchup against some bigger receivers, but he could struggle against quicker and shiftier slots due to his speed.

Coverage: Larue is able to change directions well and in pass coverage that is key. He does a good job of helping teammates in coverage and running down opponents from behind. Larue's athletic ability allows him to climb the ladder and go up for jump balls in the end zone against other receivers.

Side Note: Larue had 58 tackles and three interceptions last year for Red Oak while playing quarterback as well. Larue transferred to Bishop Dunne in the spring.

Offers: None


HT: 6-0

WT: 185

40-Yard Dash: 4.6


Noah King- DB, Richardson

Ball Skills: King's eyes follow the ball extremely well in the air, and he is always in position to make a play on the ball. In the return game, King has the speed to make plays and is underrated with the ball in his hands. He's not going to be a game-breaker in the return game but can definitely make plays in coverage while going up for the ball.

Technique: King is a physical presence on the field for Richardson and is not afraid to throw his body around while blocking for other teammates on returns or interception returns. His tackling technique is also above average for his frame that could see some more weight added. He regularly comes up in the running game to make plays and stays balanced well so he can make tackles.

Coverage: King shows smooth hips in coverage and is a capable defensive back picking up receivers out of the slot. He has the speed to keep up with receivers and the technique to make sure receivers have a difficult time catching the ball. His physicality in coverage allows him to jar the ball loose on contact and punish receivers over the middle.

Side Note: King broke his fibula in the opening game of his junior season vs. Irving MacArthur, but finished the game without knowing saying, "I didn't feel it immediately because of the adrenaline. So I played the whole game not knowing I had a broken fibula."

Offers: Northern Illinois

Measurables: HT: 6-1

WT: 175

40-Yard Dash: 4.58

20-Yard Shuttle: 4.38

Vertical Jump: 34"



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