SMU Fall Camp Notebook: Day 6

Come inside for stories and notes from SMU's fourth football practice!

Scott Feeling Comfortable

After starting nearly every game his junior season, SMU safety Jay Scott has settled into his role on the back end quite nicely. With a year of valuable experience on the field, he is ready to get back to his ways of old.

"I'm back to my high school days where I'm just out here playing football," Scott said. "Last year just let me know that I can play. Now, I don't have to think too much. I just get to my alignment, know my assignment and then execute."

Aside from Kenneth Acker, Scott was the only original starter in the secondary to make it through the season without suffering a serious injury. Scott says now that the secondary is back to full health quality competition will arise from their quality depth.

"We're going to have some depth," Scott said. "Everybody's going to need to know what they're doing because we've got some people to put in there as coach would say. Anybody can be replaced and anybody could go down so everybody has to be ready."

Scott says the preparation going into this season will be the same as last year from a defensive standpoint. With the team undergoing a bit of a youth movement, Scott has taken it upon himself to share his knowledge with younger players so that they can gain a better understanding in a shorter amount of time.

"Communication, that's key," Scott said. "In the film room I just let them know the secrets that we have dealing with alignment. Based on alignment you can kind of tell where the playing is going so I give them a little bit of that and then they use their instincts and just play football at that point."

Scott says it feels good to be back in camp with his teammates after an enjoyable summer. The senior is ready to get back into the full swing of the season so that he can help his defense become one of the best in the conference.

"I want to display that I'm a hard player," Scott said. "I want to be all around the ball and make the plays that come to me. I just want to be helpful to the defense overall."

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Practice Notes

- Arrius Holleman looks a little faster in practice this year.

- June Jones did a little bit of back pedaling against the receivers.

- Carolina Panthers regional scout John Peterson was out at practice today. Saw on a notepad the name Garret Gilbert written down. Don't know if he was looking at anyone else.

- Starting defense looked great in 7-on-7's. Linebackers played very fast and physical.

- Jeremiah Gaines is hard very hard to overthrow. Great length on top of athleticism. Has surprisingly long extension.

- Derek Longoria is looking really solid. Playing fast and strong on the second team.

- Neal Burcham threw another interception to Hayden Greenbauer today. There was good initial coverage by JR Richardson. Greenbauer just stepped up once the ball was in the air.

- Chris Parks had a nice pass breakup on the sideline. Has had a pretty good camp so far. The competition between him and Richardson is intriguing although most of the time, they are both on the field with one in the slot and the other outside.

- Horace Richardson has had a great camp. He blanketed everyone he covered and on a ball that was incomplete to Guinyard down the sideline Richardson was right there in prime position to make a play on the ball but didn't get his head around. From the sideline Acker had the quote of the day yelling, "Make a play Horace. (Expletive) the man… find the ball!"

- Keenan Holman burnt down the middle of the second team secondary and caught a perfect pass in stride from Garret Gilbert. Holman is quietly having a very good camp overall.

- JaBryce Taylor ran the wrong route after a check down by Garret Krstich. Good teaching moment between a veteran and a rookie.

- Practices much more physical as I've already reported. A lot more hitting and going to the ground this year.

- Cassel is not getting the ball out quick enough and needs to work on not staring down receivers. Throws an incredibly tight spiral though.

- Daijuan Stewart looked the best during kick returns, taking two back to the house.

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