SMU Fall Camp Notebook: Day 9

Come inside for stories and notes from today's football practice!

Minor Ready To Make Early Impact

True freshman Zelt Minor might go by the nickname Peanut but there's nothing small or fragile about him.

At 6-foot-3, 270-pounds the former Houston Lamar defensive lineman used his size and strength to display the ability to dominate at the line of scrimmage but is now transitioning to another level of competition and so far it is going well.

"It's been great," Minor said. "I'm just basically learning the techniques, getting the plays down and getting the tempo, the speed up."

Minor has gotten over the initial roadblock that prohibits many true freshmen from capitalizing on their full potential. That roadblock is realizing that what worked in high school doesn't always translate to success at the next level.

"You have to know the plays and you have to have technique," Minor said. "You can't just do what you did in high school. In high school, I used to just bull rush but to get around them. Out here, you have to have the technique because you're paying bigger and stronger opponents."

The defensive end believes he is doing well so far in camp and is continually progressing in learning the playbook. Physically, Minor has had no problems adjusting to the college ranks partially because of the program back at Lamar.

"Out of high school, lifting weights was mandatory," Minor said. "All the things we're doing here I was doing it back in high school. Here it's more of a tempo thing to get you better and stronger."

As far as getting accustomed to his teammates and coaches, Minor has been welcomed into the Mustang family especially by the players on defense.

"It's like a brotherhood," Minor said. "They're here for the same thing I'm here for – to win. So when you do something wrong they don't down you they just tell you what you can do to do better."

One of the main questions concerning Minor is whether or not the coaches will deem him ready to suit up in 2013 versus issuing him a redshirt. Like all competitors, Minor thinks he could help the team on the field this year but doesn't consider a redshirt as a terrible option.

"I plan on playing, but I don't want to waste this year," Minor said. "So if I don't get that much playing time I might think about redshirting. But I plan on playing, which is why I'm putting in hard work right now and competing."

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Practice Notes

- Elie Nabushosi looks great rushing off the outside

- Darius Joseph made an incredible Mike Williams-type catch down the sideline on a wheel route from the slot. He burnt Hayden Greenbauer and displayed incredible focus to jump and catch the over the shoulder throw with the safety converging. One of the nicest catches I've seen all camp from any receiver. I can't think of any other receiver other than Jeremiah Gaines and JaBryce Taylor, who would have come down with that.

- Taylor and Gaines made some tough catches with balls that were thrown hard and high over the middle of the field. I hate being redundant, but these guys just don't drop balls.

- Garret Gilbert threw an absolute rifle to Aaron Stafford on a post route. Accuracy was flawless. Without pressure on him, you would think this guy was on Heisman watch. His arm is so live.

- Neal Burcham's arm strength is impressive compared to last year. He threw a nice ball to Der'rikk Thompson, who should have come down with it but dropped it.

- Keenan Holman has impressive speed. Long strides get him up the field quickly.

- Gilbert took a shot to Colin LaGasse in the 11-on-11 scrimmage, and he was wonderfully covered by Kevin Pope 40 yards down field.

- The same thing happened with Darius Joseph and Robert Seals the next play to Randall Joyner's great pleasure and praise.

- I think Kenneth Acker really gets into the head of the receivers he goes up against. He plays with a bad guy edge and mentality. He dominated Ace Holleman today.

- Defense was fired up today. Very live and vocal.

- Horace Richardson had a great play in coverage against Jabryce Taylor

- Gilbert has definitely added a running element to his game. He has absolutely no problem tucking the ball and taking off.

- Darrion Richardson is having a great camp. He has a natural nose for the ball. Had a nice pass break up against Sanders Jr. down the right sideline.

- The offensive line is having trouble holding up the pocket. They do well in initial contact, but they can't block their men for that three to four Mississippi's like you would like. Gilbert is going to have to either move around or get the ball out quickly this year.

- Burcham threw a great ball in the back of the end zone to Sanders Jr. who was covered well by Stephon Sanders. Sanders broke the pass up and hit the scoreboard on the brick wall bordering the outside of the end zone. He was ok though.

- Holleman made an incredible one handed catch going to the ground on the sideline and then he proceeded to take a knee for about 3 minutes. Very out of shape. Needed some serious oxygen.

- Quote of the day.... "Yes! Yes! The rain is coming!!! Come on rain!!!" -Construction guy working at the top of the stadium

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