Pony Stampede Practice Report

We have stories and tidbits from Monday's football practice!

Lagasse, Offense Ready For Tech

By EJ Holland

Just two years ago, Colin LaGasse and Baker Mayfield were hoisting yet another state championship trophy -Austin Lake Travis' fifth straight to be exact- after a win over a Shakiel Randolph-led Waco Midway team.

On Friday night, they'll be squaring off against each other in Ford Stadium to kickoff the college football season. Lagasse was a standout as a scat back for SMU this fall camp and should see plenty of action while Mayfield is competing for the starting job at Texas Tech.

"It's exciting for Baker. It's almost like a year ago that we were playing high school football together," Lagasse said. "He definitely has a strong arm. I think the biggest thing for him is just going to be adjusting to college so we'll see. I'm looking forward to playing with him."

Whether it's Mayfield or fellow freshman Davis Webb at quarterback, Lagasse believes the Mustangs are poised for victory.

The offense has undergone a little bit of a make over with the addition of passing game coordinator Hal Mumme, who is instilling some of the ‘Air Raid,' which was made famous by Mike Leach at Tech. With Mumme, the Mustangs are expected to finally start firing on all cylinders in 2013.

"I think we're pretty darn close to being ready if not fully ready (for Tech). I think we're doing pretty good," Lagasse said. "Coach (June) Jones, Coach Mumme and Coach (Jason) Phillips have all helped me and the offense. I think all three of the have done a really good job of getting us prepared."

A lot of the offense's success will come down to one factor- quarterback Garrett Gilbert, a player Lagasse also knows very well from his days at Lake Travis.

"I think Garrett is going to do really well. Last year was his first time in the offense so coming off that, he should be a lot more evolved mentally," Lagasse said. "He's a very smart guy and a good leader."

For Lagasse, it appears his time has come. Traylon Shead will obviously be the feature back, but Lagasse will spell him and be involved in certain packages. A natural athlete, Lagasse has played everything from wide receiver to safety.

But he's settling in well in the backfield.

"It's definitely fun to be able to play different positions but once you play one, it's really fun to be able to evolve around that and just keep working at one thing," he said. "When you're at one position you tend to learn what's going on around you so learning (the offense) isn't too hard, but it definitely takes mental work to keep getting better."

VIDEO: June Jones

Practice Notes

- Players were in shorts and helmets for practice, and everyone was quiet but focused.

- Garrett Gilbert looked good throughout practice, throwing the ball sharply and completing most passes.

- Not a ton of dropped balls, but there were a couple here and there. Overall though, wide receivers did a good job of catching the ball and running north and south, not east and west.

- There was a New York Jets' scout watching practice.

- Center Taylor Lasecki had some trouble at the beginning of practice with shotgun snapping, but he eventually made improvements.

- Speedster Cedric Lancaster caught a nice over-the-shoulder catch from Gilbert.

- Jeremiah Gaines, as always, looked great and showed off his soft hands.

- Gilbert threw an interception to Rodney Hubart on a pass intended for Gaines.

- Randall Joyner was again the vocal leader on the defensive side of the ball. He was the only one fired up during practice.

- Offense won during 7-on-7s, completing pass after pass. The defense seemed a little deflated but picked it up some towards the end.

- Gilbert threw a beautiful pass to Lancaster for a touchdown that got everyone on the sideline excited.

- Horace Richardson snagged one of Gilbert's passes for an interception

- After 7-on-7s, quarterbacks and receivers worked on deep passes and most people looked good, although Lancaster had trouble locating the ball.

- Overall, there was a lot of learning going on. Coaches took their time walking through plays and explaining situations. Everyone was clearly in game-week mode.

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