Pony Stampede Spring Practice Report

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Q&A With DB Coach Derrick Odum

PS: Coach, how are the defensive backs looking so far and how do you think the depth is going to be this season?

Odum: I feel really good about our group, we've got a veteran group out here. They've done a great job this offseason, they've gone a great job through two-a-days, and we've finally got some depth so knock on wood we'll be able to keep it that way.

PS: Who impressed you the most during fall camp?

Odum: Wow, there are a lot of guys to me. I feel real good about the first group and the guys in the second group are pushing those guys hard. J.R. (Richardson) is doing a great job, Chris Parks is doing a great job, Jay Scott, Hayden Greenbauer, all of those guys really are (doing well).

PS: Kenneth Acker is expected to be a starter this year, what are your expectations for him?

Odum: He's obviously the veteran in that group and he had a tremendous off-season and he's had a great fall camp so I expect him to have a great year.

PS: You mentioned Hayden Greenbauer, he's improved a lot this off-season, what are your expectations for him?

Odum: He's a grind-it-out guy. He's worked so hard, you know, last season he was our scout team quarterback so he's really progressed. Last regular season game of the year and the bowl game, he did a great job for us, and he just keeps improving. He's just a playmaker and a really sharp guy who has done a great job.

PS: This Friday, what challenges come with facing the Red Raiders' offense?

Odum: A whole bunch of challenges… they have a great offensive scheme, they've got great players, and we don't know a lot about them so we're going to have our hands full that's for sure.

PS: What do you think your biggest challenge will be?

Odum: Just trying to slow them down a little bit. They're a super high-paced offense supposedly about to start a freshman quarterback, but as we know, we had a freshman quarterback win the Heisman last year so we'll have our hands full. They've got a great scheme, great wide outs, great running backs so we're really going to have our hands full.

PS: What is the defense mainly focusing on to take care of them?

Odum: They (Tech) have so many things they do well. They've actually got three running backs that are outstanding, and they can throw it so we kind of have to see what their mode of operation is during the game and kind of gear our defense to what they're trying to do. It'll be a big chess match.

PS: Are they feeling prepared for the game?

Odum: Yeah, our guys are confident, they're excited and they can't wait to play finally against somebody different than they're own teammates so we will see. We're excited to see what happens.

PS: Do you have any expectations for the game?

Odum: It's hard to have an expectation, I just feel like we're going to go out there and play hard and if we play hard, good things usually happen. Like I said, they haven't had a chance to play against someone in a while so you never can know what may happen that first game.

Practice Notes

-Former President George W. Bush was in attendance, and gave a speech to the players at the conclusion of practice.

-Players were in full pads and on the practice field today.

-A Miami Dolphins scout was in attendance to watch practice.

-Colin LaGasse may have been the best player on the field today. Whether he was working from the backfield, slot, or outside, Gilbert seemed to find him. LaGasse topped his impressive day off with a touchdown coming from a short route, that he took 40 yards to the end zone while dodging multiple defenders.

-Multiple players told me that LaGasse, along with freshman JaBryce Taylor have the best hands on the team.

-Both Garrett Gilbert and Neal Burcham were inconsistent today. The weather was pretty windy which resulted in some fluttery passes; including one that Gilbert sailed over his receiver's head and into the hands of Kenneth Acker, who took it to the house.

-Lot of drops by the wide receiver's today. At one point the first team receivers dropped four straight balls, including one by Jeremiah Gaines that wound up in the hands of Horace Richardson for an interception.

-Gaines redeemed himself a few plays later with a long touchdown catch in the slot from a beautiful touch pass by Burcham.

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