Blog Recap: Texas Tech 41, SMU 23

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Live Game Updates

1st quarter defensive blog: SMU's defense did a nice job of keeping everything in the first quarter and only allowed three points from Texas Tech's high-tempo offense. But on the last drive the Mustangs gave up too many big plays and penalties aren't helping. Freshman quarterback Baker Mayfield looks comfortable in the pocket so the Mustangs must get pressure on him and rattle him. It's key for Robert Seals and Stephon Sanders to bring the heat on blitzes and for the defensive line to get a better push up front.

1st quarter offensive blog: SMU offense looking very solid so far. Garret Gilbert looks very comfortable and is getting the ball out accurately and quickly. The offensive line has done a pretty good job of giving Gilbert time and for the most part Jones has kept the defense honest with balanced play calling although he has made some questionable calls on longer third down situations. SMU missed out on a great opportunity to jump out in front by not scoring a touchdown in the red zone but they are moving the ball very well. The worst part about the first half was holding on to the football. Jeremy Johnson dropped a ball with open field out in front of him and Traylon Shead has fumbled twice. SMU can't keep making mistakes if they're going to pull out this game. Very close so far.

Score: 3-3

2nd quarter defensive blog: SMU's defense did a tremendous job in the second quarter. Robert Seals and company were able to put pressure on Mayfield and force some bad throws. The defensive line also got a better push, and the rotation is keeping people fresh as Texas Tech continues to run the hurry-up. But the Mustangs did give up a score just before halftime as multiple players went down including Randall Joyner. It doesn't appear to be serious but if he can't come back, it would be a huge loss for SMU. What has really stood out about the defense is how aggressive they've been. The increased contact in practice has really helped.

2nd quarter offensive blog: The SMU offense had a very stagnant 2nd quarter. The offensive line was incredibly inconsistent and got Gilbert bum rushed all too often. When the O-Line has given him time Gilbert has also been inconsistent. At times he has simply held the ball for too long. Gilbert did show his ability to make spectacular throws hitting Jeremy Johnson on a great deep throw down field off his back foot and escaping the rush to hit Keenan Holman on a sideline pass just before the half setting up a nice field goal by Hover. SMU must score touchdowns this next half especially due to the fact that they had three starters on defense down on the field in the 2nd quarter and Mayfield looks like he is starting to settle in.

Halftime Score: Texas Tech 13, SMU 9

3rd quarter defensive blog:Tight end Jace Amaro came in and made an immediate impact for Texas Tech at the beginning of the quarter. He was a big reason Tech got into the end zone. But after that the SMU defense stepped up even without their leader Randall Joyner. Both Zach Wood and Beau Barnes are doing a good job of getting a push, and Mayfield doesn't look as comfortable as he did earlier in the game. The Mustangs are doing a solid job but must come away with at least one turnover in the fourth quarter.

3rd quarter offensive blog: The SMU offense has been moving down the field effectively due to the improvisation and playmaking of Garret Gilbert. The offensive line hasn't been doing him many favors but he has used his feet to run and elude pressure from the Tech defensive line. Traylon Shead looks to be out for the rest of the game so Coach Jones has leaned heavily on Gilbert and has basically put the game into his hands. He has put the first touchdown on the board for the Mustangs and has them driving right now. If Gilbert can shine for the rest of the game the SMU defense might be able to take care of the rest.

Score: Texas Tech 20, SMU 16

4th quarter blog: SMU's offense failed to get anything going in the fourth quarter when it mattered most, and SMU defense finally broke as Texas Tech pulled away. The Mustangs really missed Joyner, and losing Shead didn't help either. But overall, it was a lackluster performance for the Ponies.

Final score: Texas Tech 41, SMU 23

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