Pony Stampede Practice Report

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VIDEO: QB Garrett Gilbert

Q&A With Stephon Sanders

RP: Sow has preparation for Montana State gone this week?

SS: It is going well. I feel we got a good game plan for them. We are going to be ready this weekend.

RP: How do you replace the production of the injured Randall Joyner on Saturday?

SS: Well, we have some backups that are ready to step up, people like Brandon Henderson and John Bordano, some good players that are going to come up and fill in the blanks, and we don't expect any slack off.

RP: And what about replacing Joyner's leadership on the field?

SS: We adjust. We have other leaders stepping up, and we are all coming together as a team. We are one team as a whole, and that doesn't change.

RP: How do you make sure you don't underestimate an FCS school like Montana State?

SS: We don't underestimate anybody. They got a two-time MVP, they won some championships, they are not a bad team at all and we aren't going to treat them lightly.

RP: How are the linebackers preparing for facing a dual-threat quarterback like Denarious McGhee?

SS: Well we just game plan like it is any other game. We have a system for it, and we are just going to hold up.

Quick Hits

-The majority of reps went to Prescott Line at running back, with Colin LaGasse and K.C. splitting the rest.

- Most of Chris Parks' usual reps went to Ajee Montes, who despite being short, makes up for it with quickness and good hands.

-Thomas Ashcraft practiced mostly with the second team at left guard and tackle, and after practice June Jones said he does expect Ashcraft to see time Saturday, just not in a starter's role.

-Both Chase Hover and Mike Loftus practiced kickoffs, with Hover being the more directional of the two, and Loftus having more power.

-Defensive backs coach Derrick Odum was the loudest person in practice today, filling a much needed void with no Randall Joyner.

-Offense spent a lot of time on blitz pickup, focusing mostly on audibles at the line and making sure whoever was at running back was making the correct read.

-The play of the day was a 40-yard bomb on a deep post from Garrett Gilbert to Arrius Holleman, who made an incredible diving catch, and proceeded to taunt J.R. Richardson after the play by throwing the ball at him (jokingly), and Richardson threw it right back at him.

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