Pony Stampede Practice Report

We have exclusive video content and notes from today's practice!

VIDEO: RB K.C. Nlemchi

VIDEO: June Jones

Practice Notes

-Players were in shoulder pads today, but again, the practice was all about the basics.

-Receivers and quarterbacks worked on timing again while the o-line worked on run-block, d-line worked on pass rush, linebackers worked on shedding the block and DB's worked on footwork.

-Jeremiah Gaines looked frustrated during drills and had two consecutive dropped passes but performed better during team.

- K.C. Niemchi again got most of the reps at running backs with Luke Seeker and Collin LaGasse also seeing time.

-JaBryce Taylor had a nice one-handed catch during offensive team.

-Although the coaches weren't particularly happy about it, Ajee Montes had a big hit on Kyle Guinyard.

-Overall, practice was very intense and physical.

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