Blog Recap: Texas A&M 42, SMU 13

Come inside for live updates and blogs from today's game!

Live Updates:

1st Q Defensive Blog

Hayden Greenbauer made the biggest play of the game for SMU so far when he intercepted a Johnny Manziel pass as the Aggies were threatening to go up by three scores.

But other than that, the SMU defense has not been able to really to stop Manziel. He's been able to move the ball up and down the field through the air and with his feet.

SMU needs to do a better job of containing Manziel and forcing him to make more mistakes.

1st Q Offensive Blog

The SMU offense has started the game doing exactly what they've done all season. Garret Gilbert has completed a number of dink-and-dunk passes and moved the mustangs up the field to a degree but the offense hasn't done enough to put the ball in the end zone.

The running game hasn't been very effective and the offensive line has been inconsistent as usual. Penalties also stopped the progress of the offense on their very first drive of the day. With Manziel already off to a stellar start, the SMU offense will now have to play catch up to stay in contention.

The A&M defense can certainly be infiltrated but the whole offense has to step up and make more plays. It's now or never.

2nd Q Defensive Blog

The SMU defense caught a few breaks in the second quarter.

If it weren't for a bad snap and some missed extra points, Texas A&M would have hung 40 at the half. The Aggies have simply had their way with SMU. Whether it's running the ball or Manziel throwing it, Texas A&M has had no problem moving the ball and scoring.

SMU has done a poor job of putting pressure on Manziel and wrapping up. The defense needs to do a better job of this in practice, where contact should be encouraged. Injuries happen regardless i.e. Randall Joyner.

2nd Q Offensive Blog

Penalties. Penalties. Penalties.

The SMU offense was plagued by them in the second quarter along with dropped passes and a fumble ran back for a touchdown. Gilbert still has yet to give up an interception and did lead the SMU offense to a field goal before the half but it isn't nearly enough to keep up with Manziel.

The whole offense looked defeated in the second quarter and lacked any fire or enthusiasm.

3rd Q Defensive Blog

SMU's defense allowed Manziel to go down and score on Texas A&M's opening second half possession. It was more of the same thing- missed tackle after missed tackle.

Luckily for the Ponies, Manziel spent the rest of the quarter on the sideline. But Luke Joeckel was still able to lead the Aggies down the field for a field goal as the Mustangs showed more poor tackling. And once again, the front three was unable to apply pressure.

Describing SMU's defense tonight is easy. Terrible.

3rd Q Offensive Blog

SMU continues to struggle on offense.The Mustangs can't run the ball, and the passing game is dull. Yeah, that's pretty much it. Oh yeah, and SMU still can't score in the red zone.

Final Blog Texas A&M was simply dominant in a 42-13 win.

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