JUCO SF Details Official Visit

Darrick Wood visited SMU this weekend. He talks about it inside!

After switching between what is soon to be a fourth team, Hutchinson Community College (KS) shooting guard Darrick Wood is just about ready to pick a permanent residence.

After taking an official visit to SMU this weekend, Wood is seriously considering Dallas, Texas.

"I think they're really going to be on the rise with the great coaching staff they have, and the great players they have," Wood said. "They have a really nice team."

Wood joked about the myriad of swank automobiles sprinkled around the campus and how he could possibly see himself transitioning to the feel of the campus.

"It was crazy," Wood said. I saw a little girl with a Lamborghini and that was a little weird for me. I thought a professor was about to hop out of it. It was different, but I could definitely get used to it if I do decide to get on campus."

The most memorable part of Wood's experience was witnessing the Godfather himself working steadily in his craft – teaching and molding his men.

"When I got to see them practice, I got to see how the coaches help so much with their NBA knowledge," Wood said. "He (Larry Brown) did a lot of teaching during that practice. I learned new things just watching them. How he explained things and how to react to situations I thought that was kind of cool."

An offer from the Mustangs had already been extended to Wood before his visit. Wood holds a number of other offers but has not yet determined the schools earning his preference.

But Wood did say that SMU has particularly impressed.

"With all the offers I do have, I don't really have a top five," Wood said. "But if I had a top five SMU would be in the top because I like the coaching staff and the team and the great area it's in."

Brown recently visited Wood at his community college in Kansas and despite not being fully recovered from a torn meniscus, Wood showed Brown enough to earn an offer.

The former St. John's commit and three-star prospect has never officially played in a college basketball contest but is steadfastly dedicated to his rehab and return.

"To be honest, I'm really focused on my knee right now," Wood said. "I haven't even really been talking to these coaches that have been calling me because I'm just trying to get back to where I was at. I want to make sure I'm on track for when the season starts."

Wood will be visiting North Texas once again in a couple weeks for the JUCO jamboree, and he hopes to impress all in attendance.

"I just want to show them (coaches) my scoring ability and my leadership out there," Wood said. "I tend to think I'm a great leader.

"I'm not scared to open my mouth to any of my teammates, and I feel like we're all a family so I expect them to do the same if I'm not doing my job – it's my leadership, my scoring ability and my defense."

Wood has no date set for making his decision, but he is sure that when the time is right he won't hesitate to pull the trigger.

"I don't have a timetable or anything like that as to when I want to commit," Wood said. "It'll just be when I feel comfortable and responsible with everything, that's when I'll commit."

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