Lott Recaps SMU In-Home Visit

Byrd (LA) combo guard Chad Lott talks about his interest in SMU inside!

Since the Emmanuel Mudiay commitment, the SMU coaching staff has been hard at working trying to find a formidable big-man to team up with arguably the best point guard in the 2014 class.

Although the coaching staff has focused heavily on recruiting for the 2014 class, it has also begun making pitches to players in the 2015 class. Just last week, the SMU coaching staff was in Louisiana and made an in-home visit with 2015 Byrd (LA) point guard Chad Lott.

Both Larry and Brown and Ulric Maligi visited with Lott and his parents, who were thrilled to meet the Hall of Famer and recruiting guru.

"My parents were very excited to meet Coach Brown because everyone, even my parents, know who he is," Lott said. "My parents were very impressed with him and the overall meeting went very well."

During the meeting, Brown emphasized what it means to be an SMU Mustang and what it means to be a student-athlete. Lott also said that he, his parents and the coaching staff talked about everything from the recruiting process to how SMU is as a school in general.

Coach Brown also talked about the first time he saw Lott play and how impressed he was with the sophomore's demeanor and overall play.

"He (Brown) said that he was most impressed with the way I absorbed my coach's tips and directions," Lott said. " He also liked the way I scored the ball."

Brown said in terms of basketball IQ, Lott is ahead of the curve, but he still wants the point guard to work on understanding the game more and becoming a better passer.

Although Lott said he does not have any favorites at the moment, he does have a lot of interest in the Mustangs because of what the program has to offer.

"I still have to do some research on the school (SMU)," Lott said. "But I know they have good academics, and I really want to see the new basketball facilities once they are completed."

Lott does not have a visit planned at the moment, but he would like to make it to campus with his brother, an SMU alumnus, before the end of the year.

Besides SMU, Oklahoma State, Creighton and Louisiana-Lafayette all made in-home visits with the junior. LSU and Colorado State have also expressed a significant amount of interest in the Louisiana native.

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