Blog Recap: TCU 48, SMU 17

Come inside for live updates and blogs from today's game!

Live Updates:

1st Q Defensive Blog

The SMU defense has done a nice job so far. They've been able to contain TCU ground attack. Both Waymon James and B.J. Catalon as well as Trevone Boykin have been bottled up so far.

SMU's defensive line has actually gotten a nice push up front, which has allowed Randall Joyner and Kevin Pope to come up and make some hits. Joyner is doing a great job in his first game back and already has a forced fumble (recovered by TCU).

The biggest play from this unit came from Jay Scott. He laid the wood on TCU wide receiver LaDarius Brown and jarred the ball loose. Chris Parks was able to jump on it. The turnover led to SMU's first score of the day.

1st Q Offensive Blog

The SMU offense looked very impressive in the first quarter starting with the pass protection given by the offensive line. Garrett Gilbert sat back with all day to throw and simply picked apart the TCU defense in easily SMU's most impressive drive of the season.

Gilbert did throw an ugly pass that was intercepted in the first quarter but other than that he was very poised and efficient. The offense does look a lot more vertical today as well. There were more completions over ten yards in that quarter than is customary for this offense so Jones and Mumme have been successful so far in switching things up.

The running game has still been a problem in this game however. Nothing doing between Line and Nlemchi.

2nd Q Defensive Blog

SMU's defense is continuing to hold strong. The Horned Frogs were able to get on the board early in the quarter but didn't do much after that.

A big reason for SMU's improved defensive play is definitely Randall Joyner. The senior linebacker is not only making plays, but he's also bringing leadership and plenty of energy. The defense simply functions better with Joyner in the game.

SMU's defensive line has been the surprise of the day. The front three has stymied the TCU running backs with the help of their backers and have pressure Trevone Boykin into some bad throws.

2nd Q Offensive Blog

The SMU offense didn't have half as much success as they did in the first quarter. The offensive line did not play as great and Gilbert got sacked and hurried much more often.

One of the most disappointing things about the first half was a low snap that Gilbert muffed inside the TCU five yard line driving the Mustangs back 20 yards. Instead of what should have been a touchdown the Mustangs luckily got three points on a Hover field goal. One of the brighter spots for SMU is Nlemchi who has done very well on the few carries he has received.

Because SMU holds a lead and the TCU offense is struggling mightily, the coaches should consider giving Nlemchi the ball more in the second half. Making TCU respect the run will open up even more windows for Gilbert.

3rd Q Defensive Blog

SMU gave up its second touchdown on the day when Trevone Boykin found Ty Slanina for a 20-yard touchdown. That's the downside.

The upside is despite the score, SMU's defense has done a tremendous job of stopping the running run. And Boykin has yet to get it going with his arm. The problem is SMU's offense hasn't been able to take advantage of the opportunities.

Kenneth Acker deserves some praise for his play today. He made two big pas break-ups down field and has defined lock down corner today. He and Joyner will need to keep making big plays in the fourth quarter if SMU is going to have any chance of pulling this out.

3rd Q Offensive Blog

The TCU defense is now dialing up the pressure and Gilbert is getting hit. Hard. K.C. Nlemchi has made things happen with the ball in his hands but it seems like Jones does not want to commit to him for whatever reason.

The SMU receivers are having difficulty getting open and are causing Garret Gilbert to make some dangerous throws. Gilbert threw his second interception in the third quarter after being hit from the backside.

The offensive line needs to do a better of blocking for him and the receivers have to give him a place to throw. It seems like the TCU defense has settled in now so it will be difficult for SMU to fight back down by two scores.

Final Blog

TCU dominated the fourth quarter. The Horned Frogs made big plays on offense, defense and special teams to really pull away from SMU. The Mustangs struggled on both sides of the ball and failed to bring the Iron Skillet back to Dallas.

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