Brown Fields Questions From SMU Students

Larry Brown talks about his expectations, attendance and more inside!

SMU head coach Larry Brown spoke about the importance of getting students to attend basketball games this season at a student question and answer session hosted by Student Senate Thursday evening.

It comes as no surprise recruiting was one of his main points.

"I don't know why a kid would come here if we only have 1,200 people at a game. It's a miracle to me that kids have decided to come," Brown said. "But really, when we have a kid and he sees the involvement of the student body, that's going to help me with his decision because academically we have it, socially, my son says we have it, we have a great facility in a great city and we're in a great league. So let's just hope that you and your friends come and do good."

Brown was speaking at Student Senate's Town Hall 2013, a forum for students to ask members of the SMU administration questions.

Wearing his SMU sweats, Brown displayed a sense of humor when talking about how to get students to the game.

"My observations about Boulevards is that kids stay out there and don't come to the game. So that would worry me a little bit," Brown said. "But I'm for anything that will bring kids into the arena. I think we're going to have beer, so that might bring them out."

Brown was sure to mention that while the crowds have been sparse the people in attendance have been spirited.

"I spoke to Bobby Knight a couple years ago," Brown said. "When he was at (Texas Tech), he played at Moody and he said it was the loudest, most obnoxious group of students he coached a game against."

When asked about the idea of practices open to the fans, Brown was open to the suggestion.

"Right now we just have our practice facility and there is no opportunity for students to come by. We just simply don't have enough seats," Brown said. "But once we get into Moody we could. Everywhere I've been we've opened it up but you have to sit a little higher so you don't hear the choice things I might say. I'd love for our students to think enough of us to come to practice."

Brown also spent some time talking about how he planned on allotting playing time with his deep roster and the challenges of keeping players satisfied with their playing time.

There will be eight new faces on this team that will likely make contributions this season including transfers such as Nic Moore and Markus Kennedy as well as true freshman Keith Frazier, a McDonald's All-American. With plenty of depth, the Mustangs have their eyes set on the big dance.

"Last year, our starters led the nation in minutes played, but this year we have our starters back and eight new kids," Brown said. " Early in the season you'll probably see us play more players but as the season goes on and the schedule gets more difficult, you'll probably see the rotation shorten up a little bit. The nicest thing about the team this year is we have legitimate competition for playing time.

"To be you honest with you, there is no reason we can't be an elite team. We got a great school, it's in a great city and we're in a good conference. We have three really quality freshman and we're going to probably have a good class next year. I don't see any reason we can't be pretty darn good pretty soon. I would really be disappointed if we didn't approach every year as if we were going to the tournament. I would hope people expect that from us. Last time we went to the NCAA tournament was in 1990. The Pirates finally got to the playoffs so why shouldn't we?"

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