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We evaluate a trio of SMU basketball prospects inside!

D.J. Hogg- SF/PF, Plano West (2015)

Shooting: Hogg is one of the best shooters in his class. He has great form on his stroke and a very smooth release. Hogg is a terrific spot-up shooter, but can also knock down jumpers off screens. He can be a very effective pick-and-roll player because of his size and versatility at his position. Although he doesn't have terrific ball skills, Hogg isn't afraid to shoot the ball in big situations and feels confident making shots from anywhere on the floor.

Athleticism: Hogg is very athletic for his size. He runs the floor well and is a terrific finisher on fast breaks. He needs to work more on his ball handling and strength to help his playmaking skills, but he has an advantage over other players at his position because of his length. Hogg plays with great energy on both ends of the floor and has a very high basketball IQ that helps him be in the right place at all times.

Defense: Hogg has a size advantage at his position, but needs to improve on his strength and lateral quickness to become a better one-on-one defender. He doesn't like getting physical, so he prefers guarding smaller and less athletic players. Hogg is also a below-average rebounder, but he can be much more effective on defense once he learns to utilize his size and athleticism more.

Side Note: Hogg took an unofficial visit to SMU on Friday and stopped by practice. He plays for the Texas Titans in AAU.

Offers: SMU, Arizona, Cal Poly, Houston, Iowa, Kansas State, Notre Dame, TCU, Texas A&M and more.

Measureables: 6-7, 190

Ranking: A four-star in the Class of 2015 and the No. 9 rated power forward.


King McClure- SG, Triple A Academy (2015)

Scoring: McClure is one of the best scorers in the country. He is a very strong and athletic wing player who can shoot from just about anywhere on the floor. He is tough and physical enough to finish any shot in the paint but also comfortable knocking down midrange jumpers and shooting threes. His shot selection can be questionable at times, but he can score through contact and is a dynamic finisher. This makes McClure an incredibly intriguing prospect.

Playmaking Ability: McClure could play point guard because of his terrific ball handling skills and play making ability. He is a good passer, especially when he draws a second defender and always plays in full attack mode. He can get to the rim with his slashing ability and does a terrific job drawing fouls from his opponents. McClure is still growing into his body but has a very mature game for his age and will continue to develop a better basketball IQ that will make him a better teammate.

Defense: McClure needs to improve on his defense, but has great potential on that end of the floor. He doesn't have terrific lateral quickness but plays with great energy and hustle at all times. He can defend either guard spot and is a good rebounder for his size. McClure is especially dangerous when he gathers a defensive rebound and starts a fast break for his team. Although he is still developing, McClure plays hard on defense and doesn't mind doing the little things to be effective.

Side Note: McClure plans to attend Kansas and Arkansas' Midnight Madness events. But he is said to have interest in staying in Texas to play college basketball and SMU is high on his list.

Offers: SMU, Arkansas, Baylor, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Kansas State, LSU, Marquette, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, Texas A&M and more.

Measureables: 6-3, 200

Ranking: A four-star in the Class of 2015 and the No. 7 rated shooting guard.


Chris Giles- SG, Plano West (2017)

Scoring: Giles is one of the most gifted young scorers in the country. He loves slashing by opponents to the basket and has the ability to finish with either hand. Giles can also use his strength to finish through contact and draws a lot of fouls on his defenders. He is also an effective perimeter scorer because he has the ability to shoot from anywhere on the floor. Giles has a quick release that he can get off in traffic and doesn't mind shooting over opponents. This ability to make shots in so many different ways makes him one an incredibly high-volume scorer.

Athleticism: Giles is a terrific athlete and has a very mature game for his age. He is extremely active on both ends of the floor and plays with great energy at all times. He is deadly during fast breaks because of his good ball handling and passing skills. Giles also has an ability to create plays for himself and his teammates because of his versatility and basketball IQ. This combination of a high motor and great ball skills has lead Giles to be one of the best young players in the country.

Defense: Giles is an excellent on-ball defender. He has terrific lateral quickness and great footwork on the defensive end. Although he is still maturing into his body, Giles has shown an ability to cause havoc for opponents. He jumps passing lanes to collect steals and can swat away perimeter jumpers from smaller players. Giles can improve on his rebounding a little bit more but has the length and athleticism to be an elite defender at the next level.

Side Note: Giles took an unofficial visit to SMU on Friday and stopped by practice. He plays for the Houston Elite in AAU.

Offers: SMU and Ohio State

Measureables: 6-3, 175

Ranking: Not available yet.


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