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We evaluate a trio of SMU basketball prospects inside!

DeAaron Fox- SG, Cypress Lakes (2016)

Scoring: Fox is a long, athletic lefty who can score in multiple ways. He is an excellent shooter, especially from midrange, and very quick off the dribble. Fox is also a good ball handler who can get by his opponents and into the lane with ease. He has great size for his position and has shown an ability to play above the rim. He is a little streaky as a three-point shooter, but seems to always find a way to put the ball in the basket. Although he needs to develop his skill set more, Fox is a terrific slasher and can make pull-up jumpers with ease.

Playmaking Ability: Fox is extremely smooth and has a great feel for the game. He has the ability to make plays for his teammates with his penetration and good passing skills. Fox also has off the charts basketball IQ and seems to always make the right pass. He is smart, plays hard, and understands the game really well. There are times where Fox fails to assert himself in games, but that will eventually stop as he gets older and matures. He definitely still has things he needs to work on, but his size and athletic ability make him an elite level prospect and playmaker.

Defense: Fox is a terrific on-ball defender with his long arms and lateral quickness. He is still growing into his body, but has already shown an ability to be a lock down one-on-one defender. Fox causes problems for opponents with his length and athleticism by jumping passing lanes and collecting steals. His size also helps him pick up a few blocks on his opponents out on the perimeter. He still needs to improve on his rebounding, but he has the potential to be a really great defender.

Side Note: Fox is a member of the Houston Hoops in AAU.

Offers: SMU, Baylor, Kansas State, Texas and Texas Tech.

Measureables: 6-2, 165

Ranking: A four-star in the Class of 2016 and the No. 5 rated shooting guard.


Kevin Dorsey- PG, Paul VI (VA) (2015)

Scoring: Dorsey is one of the quickest players in his class. At his size, he can get to the paint with ease by using his strength and ball handling. He is also constantly moving around the floor and keeps his offense from stalling with his penetration and passing. Although he drives to the basket well, Dorsey is not a huge perimeter scoring threat. He has a terrific pull-up jumper and is deadly in transition; however, he needs to improve a lot on his outside shooting to become a better half court player. Overall, Dorsey is a great floor general with a high basketball IQ and a great feel for the game, but he will be very limited offensively until he develops a shot.

Playmaking Ability: Dorsey is a terrific playmaker with his passing skills and energy. He makes great decisions with the ball in his hands and can play either guard spot. He is always moving around on offense and plays hard at all times. Dorsey also sees the floor really well and can play at different speeds. He makes plays by getting into the paint in the half court, but he is especially dynamic when he decides to press and run. There are still parts of his game he needs to improve on, but Dorsey is an elite passer and playmaker for his age because of his ability to drive and dish.

Defense: Dorsey is a very aggressive one-on-one defender. He is scrappy and makes an impact with his long arms and athleticism. He also plays with great energy and will collect a lot of steals because of his feel for the game. Dorsey still needs get stronger to help him with rebounding and guarding bigger opponents. He also needs to improve his off the ball and team defense. But his excellent attitude and effort while on the defensive end make him one of the better defenders in his class.

Side Note: Dorsey is a member of Team Takeover in AAU.

Offers: SMU, Creighton, Florida Gulf Coast, Massachusetts, Old Dominion, Virginia Tech and West Virginia.

Measureables: 6-0, 170

Ranking: A three-star in the Class of 2015.


Roman Young- PG, Sunrise Christian Academy (KS) (2016)

Scoring: Young attacks the basket with his penetration and ball handling. He is a terrific finisher in traffic and can finish through contact and fouls. He scores in the paint with ease and with either hand. Young is also a good mid range shooter. He needs to improve on his three-point shot and ability to play off the ball, but he can make pull-up jumpers and finish above the rim. Young is especially deadly on fast breaks because of his ability to go coast-to-coast with his speed and ball skills. He has room to grow on offense, but already has the ability to take the ball to basket and score consistently.

Playmaking Ability: Young is a playmaker because of his ability to drive and dish. He uses his speed and athleticism to get by defenders and make things happen in the paint. Although he is a terrific finisher, Young also has great vision and the ability to pass to teammates in traffic. He doesn't play well off the ball and still needs to work on his shot selection at times, but Young has shown he can be a focal point of an offense because of his slashing and passing ability.

Defense: Young collects plenty of steals and blocks on opponents when on defense. He needs to improve a lot on his strength and build, but has good lateral quickness and speed. He also needs to play harder consistently to become a better rebounder and team defender. At times, Young shows a lack of discipline on the defensive end and he will take gambles that hurt the team. His offensive game is far ahead of his defense at this point, but Young has the versatility to become much better defender.

Side Note: Young is a member of the W.I.T.T.S. (Whatever It Takes To Succeed) in AAU.

Offers: SMU

Measureables: 5-10, 160

Ranking: Not available yet.


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