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We evaluate a trio of SMU basketball prospects inside!

Melvin Swift- SF/PF, Houston Yates

Athleticism: Swift is one of the best athletes in the Class of 2014. He runs the floor incredibly well and finishes plays above the rim. He is especially dangerous in transition because of his energy and versatility. Swift also has the ability to finish through contact because of his terrific body control and strength. His length, toughness and athleticism make him a great slasher and offensive rebounder, too. With his type of conditioning and versatility, Swift could transition to small forward at the next level.

Ball Skills: Swift needs to work on becoming a better perimeter player if he wants to play small forward in college. Although he is already a terrific offensive player, he can continue to work on his ball handling and passing more. He also could improve his shooting range to help him bring his game more outside. In the post, Swift can make shots over his left shoulder and finish over defenders with ease. He is already a very exciting player with even greater potential if he continues to work on his ball skills.

Defense: Swift plays incredibly hard on the defensive end. He always seems to be playing with a sense of urgency and never stops competing. Swift is also a good low post defender and has the ability to guard multiple positions because he is very athletic and quick on his feet. With great anticipation and instincts, he can pick up plenty of steals and blocks on smaller opponents. Swift's length and athleticism already make him a very intriguing prospect on the defensive end, and he will only continue to get stronger as he matures.

Side Note: Swift decommited from Xavier this summer and has narrowed his list down to SMU, Baylor, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Penn State, St. John's and St. Joseph's. Swift is a former teammate of SMU guard Keith Frazier on Houston Hoops of AAU. Assistant coach Ulric Maligi visited him last month.

Offers: SMU, Arizona, Baylor, Connecticut, Houston, LSU, Massachusetts, Memphis, Penn State, Saint Josephs, South Carolina, Texas A&M, and Xavier.

Measureables: 6-7, 190

Ranking: A three-star in the Class of 2014.


Admon Gilder- SG, Dallas Madison (2015)

Scoring: Gilder is a terrific scorer from almost anywhere on the floor. His biggest strength is his shooting, but he has the ability to post up smaller defenders and score in the paint as well. Gilder also has a very smooth, quick release on his jumper and has shown the ability to consistently knock down three-pointers. He needs to add more muscle to his frame to help finish in traffic, but he has soft touch around the basket and the athleticism to be a consistent threat on the perimeter. As he continues to mature and take smarter shots, Gilder will become one of the best scorers in the state.

Ball Skills: Gilder is considered a shooting guard because he lacks some necessary ball skills to play point guard. Although he is a good passer, he doesn't always take smart shots and can force the issue at times. Gilder has good playmaking ability when he is under control and attacking defenses in the paint. When he starts to play smarter and set up his teammates more, Gilder will become an even more complete guard who will be nearly impossible to defend.

Defense: Gilder has the length and versatility to be an effective defender in college. He is still adding muscle to his frame to help him guard bigger opponents, but he has shown good lateral quickness and instincts on that end. Gilder also needs to improve his rebounding by playing with more energy at all times. He can take too many gambles on defense that help him pick up steals and blocks occasionally, but he can also hurt his team when those gambles become mistakes.

Side Note: Gilder is a member of the Dallas Mustangs of AAU. He took an unofficial visit to SMU in late August. He is teammates with fellow SMU recruit Hassan Thomas.

Offers: SMU, Houston, TCU, Tulsa and Vanderbilt.

Measureables: 6-2, 180

Ranking: A three-star in the Class of 2015.


Gilder surprisingly does not have one, but you can watch him in action below:

Josh Hall- SG, Genesis Academy (2016)

Scoring: Hall uses his athleticism and toughness to be an effective scorer in the paint. He is a terrific finisher and has good touch around the basket, too. Hall is especially dangerous in transition because of his versatility and ability to score in traffic. He can finish with either hand and doesn't mind finishing through contact. Hall still needs to become a more consistent outside shooter to complete his offensive game, but he has the ability to punish smaller and less athletic opponents with his size.

Ball Skills: Hall makes things happen with his penetration and passing. He can break down defenders off the dribble and has pretty good court vision. When Hall is slashing and finding teammates, he is a difficult cover for opponents. But he still needs to work on his ball handling skills and consistently playing under control. He plays with such great energy that he can be out of control at times. Hall still needs to work on his perimeter skills, but his basketball IQ makes him a very intriguing prospect on both ends of the floor.

Defense: Hall is a beast on the defensive end. He is long enough to stay with bigger opponents but has the speed and lateral quickness to guard smaller players as well. Hall can be a shutdown one-on-one defender when he is playing within himself and focused. He has a good knack for jumping passing lanes and picking up steals, too. Hall also collects blocks from the help side and runs the floor well in transition. His willingness to always play hard and fight for rebounds makes him an already great perimeter defender.

Side Note: Hall is a member of the Rashard Lewis Elite in AAU.

Offers: SMU, Arizona, Houston, Kansas State, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, and Texas.

Measureables: 6-6, 180

Ranking: Not available yet.


Hall does not have one, but you can watch him in action below on the Rashard Lewis Elite YouTube Channel:

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