Hoops Practice Notebook

Come inside for exclusive notes and tidbits from today's practice!

VIDEO: Larry Brown


The team came out with a carefree, relaxed attitude today after their thirty minute film session. During stretches, Larry Brown was telling the team that last night while he watched Duke and Kansas and Kentucky and Michigan State that he noticed each team had the same color shoes and he wanted SMU to do the same. He also cracked a joke about how no one on those teams wore a headband, which made Keith Frazier shake his head. Yanick Moreira and Cannen Cunningham were playfully swatting at teammates' passes during drills. The coaches were joking during breaks, and Coach Brown even attempted a reverse layup.

Frazier Hot And Cold

Frazier was somewhat frustrated throughout practice. His shot was falling as usual but his shot selection was off. At one point he attempted a long three pointer with Sterling Brown in his face while Markus Kennedy was wide open. Frazier had another one of his trademark blocks in transition against Crandall Head and then on the other side of the court he put in a tough finger-roll over Ryan Manuel. When Frazier jogged slowly up the court one time, Coach Brown yelled at him to hustle. The next possession Frazier drove to the basket for the one-handed tomahawk jam.

Late Bloomer

Kennedy was an hour late to practice but made up for lost time as soon as he got in there. He quickly sank a hook shot over Moreira and then drove through the defense on the next possession for a layup. When three defenders swarmed Kennedy on the next possession, he found Sterling Brown for the open three-pointer. Kennedy was shooting the three-ball well himself and hit two over the outstretched arm of Moreira.


Nic Moore was having a great time during practice. He was joking around with assistant coach Eric Snow throughout practice and was firing no-look passes to his teammates. After he grabbed an offensive rebound and put the ball back up for the bucket, Moore yelled out and with a big grin told the big guys, ‘Y'all need to get some rebounds.' Moore was also barking out instructions to his teammates from the sidelines and was acting as an extra coach throughout practice. His bounce pass to Nick Russell in transition for a layup and his lob to Cunningham for a dunk were his highlights of the day.

Quick Hits:

• Coach Brown corrected Head's decision-making.

Shawn Williams was sinking threes throughout practice.

• The team was throwing a lot of lobs today. Manuel threw a nice one to Cunningham and Jonathan Wilfong connected with Ben Moore too.

• Jean-Michael Mudiay got up with a big dunk that drew a round of applause from his teammates and even Coach Brown.

• Coach Brown told Moreira to run hard throughout practice. Moreira was shooting his midrange jumper well today.

• Some of the assistants were not thrilled with the effort today. Snow told the players they were playing ‘sloppy and lazy' and assistant coach Ulric Maligi wanted the defense to communicate more.

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