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1st Q Defensive Blog

Besides a big pass from Casey Cochran to Shakim Phillips, SMU's defense has played exceptionally well.

Yes, UConn's offense is, well, terrible. But the coaches have to be happy with the unit's discipline and aggression. Jonathan Yenga has wrecked havoc when blitzing off the edge and already has a sack.

What's been really impressive is SMU's domination up front. The defensive line has been able to get a good push and is allowing the linebackers to come up and make plenty of tackles. UConn running back Lyle McCombs has been stymied while Cochran has been rattled.

1st Q Offensive Blog

The SMU offense quickly moved up the field in their first drive on long connections between Garrett Gilbert and his receivers Keenan Holman and Der'rick Thompson. The offense stalled in the UConn territory however, and turned the ball over on downs when June Jones decided to go for it on fourth and three instead of taking the field goal. The next drive SMU could not get anything going and quickly had to punt the ball.

After another three and out, SMU finally got things going again in their fourth drive. A 25-yard pass to Jeremiah Gaines and a 15-yard horse collar penalty got SMU deep into UConn territory. After converting a fourth down, Gilbert ran the ball to the UConn 1 to set up a short touchdown pass to Holman, who did a great job getting his foot down in the end zone.

Jones has twice chosen to go for it on fourth down within field goal range. The second time, Chase Hover could be seen prowling the sidelines, waiting for his coach to send him out. It seems as though Hover has fallen out of favor after his two-miss performance last week.

2nd Q Defensive Blog

UConn did a better job of moving in the ball in the second quarter and establishing a running game. Max DeLorenzo and Lyle McCombs ripped off a couple of nice runs and most importantly, took some time off the clock.

SMU's defensive line looked a little gassed and eventually gave up a short DeLorenzo touchdown. But the unit responded with a big stop later in the half that gave the offense the ball back before halftime.

The secondary, which has been terrible all year, isn't playing too bad. But Casey Cochran isn't throwing it too often either.

2nd Q Offensive Blog

The SMU offense opened the second quarter by completing their second touchdown drive of the game. Collin Lagasse added some much needed toughness to the backfield and was a big help in getting SMU inside the UConn 5-yard line for Jeremy Johnson's touchdown reception.

On the second drive of the quarter, Keenan Holman was Garrett Gilbert's first option whenever he needed a first down. Towards the end of the drive, Darius Joseph went down with an apparent shoulder injury and went into the locker room with two members of the SMU medical staff. The offense couldn't recover from that and committed a series of penalties that drove them out of field goal range.

The third drive was a great example of how to run the hurry-up offense. SMU moved down the field in less than 90 seconds, going repeatedly to Jeremy Johnson to make big plays. Johnson delivered and eventually scored another touchdown to put SMU up by 14 at the half.

Score: SMU 21, UConn 7

3rd Q Defensive Blog

After a dominant first quarter performance, the SMU defensive line struggled a little bit and were gashed in the third quarter on UConn's scoring drive. The Huskies got a nice push up front and opened up some nice holes for Lyle McCombs and Max DeLorenzo.

After a 14-play, 62-yard drive, the Huskies cut SMU's lead to seven thanks to a 1-yard pass from Casey Cochran to Sean McQuillan on 4th and goal. That touchdown was on Chris Parks and if the Huskies are smart, they'll keep throwing at him.

SMU also struggled to tackle in the third quarter. The Mustangs need to do a better job of wrapping up UConn ball carriers in the fourth quarter.

3rd Q Offensive Blog

The SMU offense did not do anything with their first drive. They quickly punted the ball back to the Huskies, who took it all the way for the score to cut the SMU lead in half.

Only a Jeremy Johnson catch on third down saved the Mustangs' second drive from being another three and out. However, that first down was the only highlight for the SMU offense that drive as they punted again four plays later.

The next drive for SMU was a complete reversal of fortunes. In two plays, SMU drove 74 yards for a touchdown. Der'rick Thompson sprinted down the sideline for a 54-yard gain before Kenneth Holman caught Gilbert's 20-yard pass for his second touchdown of the game.

Score: SMU 28, UConn 14

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