3 Up, 3 Down

We share three positives from SMU's win and three negatives!

3 Up

1. Jeremy Johnson- Jeremy Johnson picked up his play with the injury to Darius Joseph. Johnson came up with two touchdowns and made numerous big catches on third down to give SMU drives new life. Johnson caught twelve balls (a team high) for 71 yards and his hand in every SMU drive.

2. The Signal-Caller- Garrett Gilbert was again sensational for SMU. While he did not have the dead-to-rights accuracy he displayed earlier this season, he did throw four touchdowns and threw for 353 yards. He also did a great job of managing the game and burning clock in the fourth quarter when the Huskies were threatening to tie it up. It wasn't against the toughest opponent, but Gilbert again did a solid job for SMU at the most important position on the field.

3. Pass Defense- The SMU pass defense was supposed to have an easy week against first-time starting quarterback Casey Cochran, and they delivered on their end of the bargain. They held Cochran to 227 yards and two touchdowns and Stephon Sanders and Darrion Richardson came up with two big interceptions in the fourth quarter to kill any hope of a UConn comeback. Some of y'all may disagree here since there were a couple of big plays, but overall it as a better job than we've seen in the past.

3 Down

1. The SMU run game was non-existent this week. They only ran the ball for 78 yards (23 of which belonged to Gilbert) before garbage time in the fourth quarter when they tacked on 29 more yards. Prescott Line had a miserable nine yards on seven carries. It doesn't make any sense why June Jones keeps Line in the starting lineup ahead of K.C. Nlemchi, who carried the ball eight times for 64 yards, but I guess that's just June being June.

2. Rush Defense- While the SMU passing defense did their part, the run defense gave up huge chunks of yardage to both Lyle McCombs and Max DeLorenzo, who combined for 158 yards. Both UConn running backs were able to find holes and run downfield with ease, and it was the Huskies run game that kept them in contention for so long. With an opponent this poor, SMU should not have allowed them to get anything going offensively.

3. Key Injury- The loss of Darius Joseph is another blow to a receiving core already missing JaBryce Taylor. There is no word on what happened to Joseph or how severe the injury is, but SMU needs dynamic players like him to make their offense work efficiently.

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