3 Up, 3 Down

We share three positives from SMU's loss and three negatives inside!

3 Up

1. Ben Moore- Ben Moore was again sensational. When SMU made its furious comeback in the second half, it was mostly thanks to Moore, who was busy on the offensive glass and made a number of easy baskets to total 19 points. His defense was solid, recording a steal and a block and when most Mustangs were in foul trouble, he dragged them back into the game. It's incredible to think that Moore has only played three games at the collegiate level, and he already plays like a reliable senior.

2. The Big Man- Yanick Moreira also was solid for SMU in the paint today. He was the lone Mustang to shoot well from the free throw line (seven for seven from the charity stripe). He was consistent with his offense and did not get bullied when he had the ball down low today. Moreira scored fifteen points, a good sign that he will be able to develop into the focal point of the SMU offense that many expect him to be.

3. Second half defense- While SMU's first half defense was atrocious to say the least, the Mustangs really picked up the slack on that end in the second half. Arkansas shot around fifty percent during the first twenty minutes but started out the second half on an 8-for-25 slump thanks in large part to the defensive efforts of Moore, Moreira and Markus Kennedy. While the Mustangs have a lot of work to do to improve their team defense, they at least went into the locker room tonight knowing that their effort on that end allowed them to get back into a game that they had no business being in.

3 Down

1. Nic Moore- Nic Moore did not make his second basket until there were only two minutes left in the game and at the point it was too late for him to make a difference. Moore was plagued by foul in the midst of a game that tightly called by the officials. Moore appeared frustrated throughout the game and at one point threw up an ill-advised three pointer that missed everything. SMU will not win many games this season with performances like this from their leader.

2. Lost Shooter- Keith Frazier's absence due to a sore ankle may have doomed the Mustangs from the start. When Arkansas jumped out to a big first half lead, it was apparent that SMU desperately needed the offensive scoring punch that Frazier and his headband provide. Perhaps this is a sign that Frazier needs more minutes to make the SMU offense more potent.

3. Crandall Head- The Illinois transfer missed a series of open layups and is clearly not the offensive weapon his brother was back in the day. Larry Brown has been frustrated with Head at practice as well so don't be surprised doesn't get very many minutes going forward.

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