Rapid Reaction: SMU Wins Crucial Road Game

Come inside for our immediate reaction following SMU's victory!

How It Happened: The SMU defense shut down the Bulls tonight and allowed SMU to get away with their weakest offensive performance of conference play. Jay Scott grabbed two interceptions and nearly had another and Stephon Sanders recorded a big sack to stop an atrocious USF offense. The Bulls only scored in the fourth quarter when the SMU special teams gave up a touchdown on a punt return. On the offensive end, SMU only put up 16 points while struggling against USF's Cover 2 defense. Neal Burcham made his first appearance of the season at quarterback and was a solid game-manager while relying heavily on K.C. Nlemchi and Prescott Line to break down the USF defense.

What It Means: SMU keeps it bowl hopes alive and climbs back up to .500 for the first time since early in the season. June Jones avoided any embarrassing losses this year.

Side Note: Garrett Gilbert went down with a left leg injury at the end of the first half and was seen on the sidelines on crutches during the second half. Gilbert has been SMU's unquestioned leader this season and his loss will prove costly for the Mustangs.

What's Next: SMU will travel to play Houston over Thanksgiving weekend, but it is hard to see them stealing a win from their in-state rival without Gilbert back and healthy.

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