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Brown talks Arkansas-Pine Bluff game

Head coach Larry Brown was pleased with his team's performance yesterday against Arkansas-Pine Bluff. The Mustangs picked up an 87-61 victory over the Golden Lions and shot 67 percent from the field. "We played well," Brown said. "We're getting better. We still have a long way to go. We had far too many turnovers, but other than that, we got to play a lot of guys, and I think we're making progress." The Mustangs have faced the zone a few times this season and handled it well so far. Coach Brown said it's something the team will have to adjust to because of the new rules on defense. "We handled the zone better than we did against TCU," Brown said. "I imagine everybody is going to see more zones because of the way the game is going to be called. When you get the ball inside and get second shots, it helps your zone offense." Yanick Moreira, who had 19 points, six rebounds and two blocks in the victory, said the team learned the importance of setting the tone early in games after their loss to Arkansas last week. "I learned that it's very important for this team how we start games," Moreira said. "A lot depends on if we start games with energy every single night and day."

Moreira not satisfied with start

Although he is averaging 11 points per game on 55 percent shooting, SMU center Yanick Moreira is not happy with how he has started so far this season. "I think I'm not doing that well right now," he said. "I just got to keep working and do what coach asks me to do." The SMU coaches have talked repeatedly about how Moreira puts a lot of pressure on himself to be great. He says it's because he knows he has the ability to be a truly special player. "I put a lot of pressure on myself because I was a top-two ranked JUCO player in the country," Moreira said. "I know a lot of people expect me to come here and help this team win more than just 15-17 games. That's why I put that pressure on myself; I just keep working and hope the team can win more than 15 games." Moreira says he has been surprised with how much scoring he has done so far this season. He credits Coach Tim Jankovich and Coach Eric Snow the most for helping him develop his post game. He also said Coach Brown has told him repeatedly to simplify his post moves more. "It's not easy to be the guy taking more shots than anybody else on the team," Moreira said. "There's a lot of pressure when the ball is always in your hands. We're just doing what coach asks us to do. He wants to put the ball in the post and find our shooters. We just keep doing what he asks us to do." Coach Brown added: "He has still got a lot of growth, I'm aware of that. I think he has done a great job so far though."

Team prepares for Sam Houston State

The Mustangs take on the Sam Houston State Bearkats tomorrow night at Curtis Culwell Center. The Bearkats, members of the Southland Conference, are 4-1 this season after losing 79-62 to Texas A&M yesterday. It will be a tough challenge for SMU as the Bearkats are eighth in the country in scoring at 92.2 points per game. Coach Brown said the team needs to stick to their principles and play well early for them to take care of business. "We got to do the same stuff," Brown said. "We need to take care of the ball and rebound. We also need to continue to get high percentage shots cause they are pretty athletic and well coached. I don't really worry about other people. I think we concern ourselves with our team." Yanick Moreira had similar concerns and said the team will have to be much more efficient on offense. "We got to play hard, play together and have fun," Moreira said. "I think last game we had four turnovers in one minute, so we just need to stop turning the ball over and get out there and do it." Moreira added that Ben Moore has surprised him this season and he thinks the freshman forward will be ‘pretty good' as he develops more. Coach Brown said the team's depth and talent on the bench is something he is continuing to deal with. "What surprises me is that we have been able to play 10 or 11 guys and split the playing time," Brown said. "I don't think that can continue and that's going to be an issue."

Quick Hits:

• The team only watched film and did walkthrough's today because of their busy schedule this week in the Corpus Christi Challenge.

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