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We evaluate a trio of SMU basketball prospects inside!

Prentiss Nixon- PG/SG, Bolingbrook (IL)(2015)

Scoring: Nixon is a combo guard who can beat defenders in so many different ways. He is a good shooter from all over the floor and can knock down three-pointers and midrange jumpers consistently. Nixon also attacks the hoop off the dribble, and he is a terrific finisher in the lane because he can use either hand and doesn't mind finishing through contact. Nixon has also shown an ability to knock down stop-and-pop jumpers because of his smooth and quick release. Although he is still adding to his slender frame, Nixon is already a terrific scorer and athlete for his age.

Playmaking Ability: Nixon has the ability to create opportunities for his teammates with his ball handling and passing. He has good court vision and can create off the dribble with his speed and athleticism. However, Nixon will have to develop into more of a floor general if he wants to play point guard in college. He has bad shot selection at times and doesn't always show great leadership qualities. With his skill set and talent, however, Nixon has a chance to be a very good college player with the right coaching.

Defense: This is the area of the floor Nixon struggles with the most. Although he is incredibly quick and athletic, Nixon isn't a very good one-on-one defender or rebounder for his position. He needs to add a lot more muscle to his frame and show a willingness to compete on defense more consistently. Nixon has the length to guard multiple positions, but lacks the instincts and toughness to do it consistently for entire games. As he matures and gets better coaching, I expect Nixon to become a much more capable defender.

Side Note: Nixon is a member of the Illinois Wolves in AAU.

Offers: SMU, Bradley, Colorado State, Creighton, Drake, Illinois-Chicago, Minnesota, Northern Illinois, Northern Iowa, Saint Louis, Tulsa, and Wright State.

Measureables: 6-1, 170

Ranking: A three-star in the Class of 2015.


Jalen Brunson- PG, Adlai E. Stevenson (IL)(2015)

Shooting: Brunson is a great all-around player and might be one of the best shooters in the Class of 2015. He has a terrific three-point shot and consistently makes jumpers from all over the floor. Brunson can also break down defenses with his attacks to the rim. He uses his speed and ball handling to get by defenders and into the paint. Although he is barely 6-feet tall, Brunson is a terrific point guard who can stretch defenses with his shooting or create for his teammates off the dribble.

Playmaking Ability: Brunson is left-handed point guard with a terrific feel for the game and very high basketball IQ. He runs the team very well and loves getting teammates involved when he attacks the basket. He also pushes the ball well in transition and always seems to be under control. Brunson is especially dangerous in the open court because he almost always makes the right decision. Coaches love him because he understands how to keep the ball moving and plays hard all the time. Overall, Brunson is one of the best true point guards in the country and has very high upside.

Defense: Brunson still has room for improvement on defense. Although he is pretty strong for his size, Brunson must continue to add strength to his frame. He also needs to improve his on-ball defense and ability to fight through screens. Brunson has terrific lateral quickness and instincts, so he seems to always pick up a couple steals a game. However, he is a non-factor on the glass and struggles with bigger opponents. Brunson can't do anything about his size, but he will learn how to be more effective on defense as he matures.

Side Note: Brunson is a member of the Mac Irvin Fire in AAU. His father is former Temple great and NBA player Rick Brunson.

Offers: SMU, Connecticut, Creighton, DePaul, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Oklahoma State, Purdue, Temple, Tulsa, Virginia and Xavier.

Measureables: 6-0, 175

Ranking: A four-star in the Class of 2015 and the No. 2 rated point guard.


Jordan Murphy- SF, San Antonio Brennan (2015)

Scoring: Murphy is an inside-outside threat that is a nightmare to defend. He is at his best when he is breaking down defenses and slashing to the basket because he is a freak athlete and terrific finisher. He can also knock down the outside and midrange jumper, although his shot still needs some work. With his ability to drive to he basket and score, Murphy would become nearly impossible to guard if he consistently shot the ball well. Murphy still has a lot of growth and development in front of him, but he will always find ways to score because he can get to the rim with ease and plays hard consistently.

Playmaking Ability: Murphy is not a great playmaking wing because he needs to work on his ball handling and passing ability. He turns the ball over sometimes because he of his low basketball IQ and poor handles. For example, Murphy can get out of control when driving to the basket and plays too aggressive at times. This has lead to him picking up offensive fouls when going to the hole and trying to make something happen. Although he is great athlete, Murphy will need to improve on his perimeter game if he wants to be a successful small forward in college.

Defense: Murphy is an absolute monster on the defensive end. He has the ideal size and length to be a defensive stopper and guard multiple positions. Murphy uses his athleticism and quickness to be a terrific on-ball defender and he will pick up a couple steals and blocks almost every game. He is also a terrific rebounder for his size and loves mixing it up down low with bigger opponents. Murphy is still growing as an offensive player, but he might already be one of the best defenders in his class.

Side Note: Murphy is a member of the D1Ambassadors-Carlton in AAU. He is averaging 12 points, 9 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals and 2 blocks per game for Brennan.

Offers: SMU, Baylor, Fresno State, Kansas State, Marquette, Maryland, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, TCU, Texas, Texas A&M, UTSA, and Vanderbilt.

Measureables: 6-7, 180

Ranking: A three-star in the Class of 2015.


Murphy does not have one, but you can watch him in action in a full game (No. 24 white):

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