Jeanlys Says SMU Visit Was 'Phenomenal'

William Jeanlys talks about his official visit to SMU and more inside!

If SMU were at all worried about more of its future athletes following the suit of ex-quarterback commit Tyler Harris, they can rest assured about one of them for certain.

Pope John Paul II (FL) wide receiver William Jeanlys was as solid as they come before arriving to the Hilltop for his official visit on Friday. But this weekend reaffirmed his thoughts about SMU all the more.

"My visit there was phenomenal," Jeanlys said. "Walking around campus is unreal because it looks like something you would see in a movie. My overall experience at SMU on the visit was just amazing."

With all his future teammates and coaches displaying welcoming attitudes, Jeanlys felt right at home. Hosting him was rising sophomore Ajee Montes, who wore his hospitality hat quite well.

"Right away we just hit it off," Jeanlys laughed. "He was telling jokes – he's a funny kid. If anybody can make you laugh Ajee will put a smile on your face. He's the type of guy to make any situation that's bad turn good."

Head coach June Jones was another person Jeanlys got to spend time with, and he had nothing but good things to say about him.

"He reminds me of my high school coach right now because he's so laid back and chill," Jeanlys said. "You can just talk to him any way you want to. He told me to keep rehab going good and making sure everything is good with the knee and to stay on top of my grades.

"I just told him that I was ready to come to SMU and make an impact and change things around for the program. He's excited to have me come and play football."

The senior from Boca Raton wasn't the only athlete from Florida that made the long trip to North Texas. Fellow sunshine state wide receiver Kadeem Goulbourne also took his official visit and he and Jeanlys are no strangers.

"As soon as he committed he called me and was like, ‘Yo, when we get to SMU it's going to be about business – I want to win football games," Jeanlys said. "So he already let me know he's ready to work hard and change things around."

Due to an ACL injury, Jeanlys was sidelined for the entirety of his senior year. The 6-foot-1, 170-pound playmaker once possessing 4.4 speed, says many schools backed off of him once he tore his ACL, but SMU sticking with him meant the world.

"I love SMU. I love everything about SMU," Jeanlys said. "There's no way I'm just going to leave them hanging because they didn't leave me hanging when I was hurt and when I was down.

"Other schools, they backed off. They didn't want to take that gamble but SMU knows what type of player I am and once I'm 100 percent, I'm going to bring everything to the table. They stuck right there with me so I'm going to stick with them no matter what."

Jeanlys, a two-star prospect, says his knee feels great and was recently told by his therapist that he no longer was required to attend rehab. He has no doubts that by the time the summer rolls around he'll be fully recovered.

"I'm good now. I was in the gym last week or the week before that and we were playing football," Jeanlys said. "I forgot I was even hurt. I was running around, juking people, jumping up and playing how I usually play."

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