SMU Sports New Year's Resolutions

Here are some New Year's resolutions for SMU sports figures!

2014 is upon us and it's time for everyone to make their New Year's resolutions.

Personally, I think my resolution will be pretty similar to most Cowboys fans': I resolve to never get my hopes up for my Detroit Lions again. You'd think I'd have learned by now, but I guess I have a slow learning curve.

This all got me thinking: What would be the resolutions of some of the SMU Mustangs? Here are my best guesses…

Emmanuel Mudiay: I resolve not to take up too much of the attention from the fans when Moody Coliseum opens up Not that it would be a bad thing, actually, if my good buddy Myles Turner saw how much the SMU fans will love him if he joined me.

Rick Hart: I resolve not to get on President Turner's bad side and follow through on the whole beer in the football stadium thing so more people actually come to the game.

June Jones: This is tough. I could resolve to spend my whole break on the beach in Hawaii. Or I could resolve to show as much as Peruna on the sidelines. I could even resolve to do something productive like recruiting or whatever. But you know what? Instead, I resolve to never call another run play again.

Markus Kennedy: I resolve to practice my free throws. I'm off to a good start-- check the Cincy box score.

Deion Sanders Jr: I resolve to dance like Cole Beasley all over the football field next season. And maybe even give some of my gold Versace sheets to lucky fans.

Larry Brown: I resolve to not jump at the first job offer I get after this team makes the tournament.

Kris Weeks: I resolve not to have more than one penalty per game next season. Or maybe just less than two penalties per game.

Ulric Maligi and K.T. Turner: We resolve to spend more time on the road than the entire football staff. Shouldn't be too hard.

Jason Phillips: I resolve to spend more time at Houston Lamar than anywhere else this year. Oh wait, I already do that…

Nic Moore: I resolve to join Nate Robinson in the "Best Ballers Under 5-10 Club".

Chris Parks: I resolve to never give up another big play again. Considering I already used up my eligibility this should be easy to achieve.

Beau Barnes: I resolve to have another good year then make a bigger impact in the NFL than Margus Hunt.

Nick Russell: I resolve to stop shooting the ball.

Darrian Wright: I resolve to be the next nose tackle converted to running back!

Myles Crosby: I resolve to give some of my teammates a chance with the ladies since you know, I'm a former superstar model.

Carlos Barocio-Leon - I resolve to keep making the special teams units look not as bad as they really are.

Peruna (the horse): I resolve to pull down those slowpokes who run with me at least once per game.

Peruna (the mascot): I resolve to figure out a way to air condition this suit for the football games.

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