Embody Evaluations

We evaluate a trio of SMU football prospects inside!

Darius Durall- RB, South Houston

Power: Durall isn't by any means a power back and cannot run over opponents to get a few extra yards. While he has a muscular build, he will need to add to his frame to be able to have a shot at being an every down back for SMU. Durall runs through arm tackles well while getting to the next level, but once he is corralled in the open field, he is not going to be able to overpower any defender.

Vision: One of Durall's strengths is his vision and patience while reading his blocks. He does a nice job of keeping his steps short and body low to the ground while going through the hole, allowing him to shake a few tackles in the process. Once he is through the hole, he accelerates and picks the route that will get him the most yards. Durall presses the outside well, but is not afraid to plant one foot in the ground and get up field when he sees a seem.

Agility/Acceleration: Durall's patience is a plus as a runner, but his speed limits him. Durall doesn't have elite breakaway speed to be able to outrun opponents in the open field once he makes his cut up the field. Durall would be deadly with more speed so he will have to work on that, but his lateral quickness is solid, but he is not going to really make anyone miss.

Side Note: Durall transferred to South Houston from Houston Lamar, where he was teammates with SMU commits Darrell Colbert, Kyran Mitchell, Braylon Hyder and Shelby Walker.

Offers: SMU


HT: 5-9

WT: 185

40-Yard Dash: 4.62

20-Yard Shuttle: 4.72

Vertical Jump: 31.5

Bench Press: 305

Squat: 385


Mickey Stewart- NT, Highland C.C. (KS)

Technique: Stewart has a good first step, but he doesn't have great foot quickness and explosiveness after the snap. Highland played Stewart at both the 1-technique and 3-technique, but at SMU he'd be asked to play a 0-technique and line up head-to-head with the center. Stewart stays low to the ground and displays good strength at fighting off blocks especially when diagnosing a run play. Stewart does kind of bounce around a bit and doesn't display great athleticism though, which is needed in SMU's scheme.

Versus the Pass: Stewart isn't expected to be a solid pass rusher for SMU, but he does need to be athletic. Stewart does have a good swim move to get through offensive linemen, but his overall quickness will not be a threat at the FBS level. Stewart did display a good bull rush on a couple occasions and if Stewart can get stronger to be able to collapse the pocket, he will be a good player.

Versus the Run: Stewart's strength allows him to hold up blocks well, but other than that he doesn't disrupt run plays really well aside from plugging gaps. Stewart will need to develop his quickness and first step even more if he expects to play in SMU's scheme as a nose tackle. Stewart is really a traditional nose tackle though and isn't going to do much of anything but take up two blockers allowing the linebackers to make plays.

Side Note: When Stewart graduates in May from Highland C.C., where he enrolled at after having academic issues out of high school, he will have three years to play two wherever he decides to attend.

Offers: Appalachian State, Arkansas State, East Carolina, Idaho, Miami (OH), Ohio and SMU.


HT: 6-3

WT: 293


Inoke Ngalo- ILB, Euless Trinity

Technique: Ngalo is a ferocious hitter that explodes into the opponent and he has an incredible first step, but has even better vision and is excellent at diagnosing plays. Ngalo does a good job of keeping his feet moving so he can dodge blocks and then drive through a tackle. Ngalo comes to balance well and displays good agility, but his hip stiffness could hold him back a little bit.

Versus the Pass: While Ngalo displays solid understanding of zone coverage, his hips are tight in his turns and he is only able to make plays and quick tackles on opponents because he understands where he needs to be. Ngalo has the tools to neutralize the short routes, but don't expect him to turn and run with slot receivers down the field. His skill set is best for a zone coverage scheme and to be exclusively an inside linebacker.

Versus the Run: Ngalo is quick off the snap at diagnosing and plugging a hole. His strength allows him to shed blocks well and his frame can definitely add even more bulk to be able to dominate at the line of scrimmage even more. Ngalo's technique does not allow easy yards after contact for runners and that is a product of his great technique and strength at the point of contact.

Side Note: The SMU coaching staff said Ngalo could come in and start outside then transition inside, but after watching his tape, Ngalo should be kept at where he is best at, inside linebacker.

Offers: Committed to Houston. Other offers from North Texas and SMU


HT: 5-11

WT: 209

40-Yard Dash: 4.6

20-Yard Shuttle: 4.37



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