Embody Evaluations

We evaluate a trio of SMU football prospects inside!

J.F Thomas- 2015 WR, South Oak Cliff

Route Running: Thomas is extremely smooth in his routes and his running with the ball in his hands. He is able to put the defensive back in a poor position to make a play on the ball and runs in the defender's blind spot well to be able to earn a couple steps on his break on the ball. Even though he understands this technique well, he fades away on slant routes a little too much and at the next level, a defensive back may be able to under cut those routes for breakups and interceptions.

Hands and Technique: His best attribute is his ability to catch the ball with his hands and away from his body. With Thomas' size, defensive backs have to play through him and with his solid techniques, he should be able to hang onto the ball well and be safe from breakups if he continues to work on his craft. Thomas is quick off the ball and is patient in his route, which allows him to create the separation necessary to make big plays.

Big Play Ability: Thomas' size makes him a legitimate redzone threat, but also he is underrated in his ability to make defenders miss for a player his size. One or two shakes can turn a five-yard route into a 20-yard gain and that has to excite coaches when they watch his film. Thomas can win jump balls well and with his solid hand selection, will be able to continue to win them at the next level.

Side Note: Thomas caught 38 balls for 707 yards, good for a 18.6 yards per catch average, and 15 touchdowns on the season.

Offers: Colorado State, Lamar and SMU.


HT: 6-3

WT: 175

40-Yard Dash: 4.91

20-Yard Shuttle: 4.40

Vertical Jump: 28.7



Landis Durham- 2015 DE, Plano East

Technique: Durham has solid downhill instincts to get to the ball and bottle up the ball carrier, but with his speed, he must learn to come to balance to be able to make a solid tackle. Too often Durham is tackling from the side or overrunning the ball carrier a bit and has to come back, but his athletic ability is there to be able to correct these issues and be able to be a reliable tackler.

Versus the Pass: Durham's athletic ability allows him to make plays on passes over the middle and has shown the instincts to step in front of passes and intercept a pass. His technique in coverage could use some work, but the instincts are there to develop into a linebacker with solid coverage skills. Durham does a solid job of reading the quarterback's eyes and also can use his quickness to apply pressure on a blitz.

Versus the Run: Durham's strength and athletic ability allows him to fight off blocks easily in the running game, but his technique in tackling could use some work, which he will get at the next level. If Durham can come to balance more and be able to square up better on tackles, he could really dominate against the run.

Side Note: In Beionny's interview with Durham, he mentioned that he wants to get away from home, "I definitely wouldn't mind going to SMU but it's a little too close to home."

Offers: Boise State and SMU.


HT: 6-2

WT: 210 40-Yard Dash: 4.85

20-Yard Shuttle: 4.56

Vertical Jump: 26.5



Austin Corbett- 2015 OLB, Plano East

Technique: While Corbett is undersized, he makes up for that with solid tackling technique, even if his frame still has plenty of room to fill out. Corbett is not fast, but closes well on receivers and ball carriers. Corbett fights off blocks extremely well at the line of scrimmage and that allows his teammates to make more plays on the ball carriers as well.

Versus the Pass: With Corbett's understanding of pass coverage, he is able to make plays on the ball in coverage mostly because of his work in the film room it appears. Corbett doesn't have much film in pass coverage, but he displays patience and a solid drop in coverage, which allowed him to pick the quarterback off a couple times in games.

Versus the Run: Against the run, Corbett shows a great understanding of how to shoot the right gaps to be able to disrupt and shutdown running lanes. Corbett also knows how to take the right angles to run down opponents from behind even when they run the opposite way from him. With his solid technique, he fights off blocks well and understands his responsibility within the defense, which allows him to make even more stops than most linebackers would.

Side Note: Corbett earned second team all-district honors at outside linebacker this year, where he is being recruited to play at SMU.

Offers: SMU


HT: 6-4

WT: 192

40-Yard Dash: 4.88

20-Yard Shuttle: 4.54



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