Is Myles Turner Still Considering SMU?

Come inside for an update on 5-star Euless Trinity center Myles Turner!

It is getting late in the game for the Class of 2014, and SMU has yet to land the big man they most desperately desire.

Nationally known prospect and center for Euless Trinity Myles Turner is still the gem left on the board, and SMU's Larry Brown recently made the short trip to watch him in action.

Euless Trinity head coach Mark Villines says he has played host to Brown a couple times this year and even though SMU isn't exactly in prime position to land him, they just can't stop coming around.

"I assume that they're just recruiting him because he's close, and they aren't going to give up the good fight," Villines said. "SMU is not on Myles' narrowed down list but Myles and his family have said if you want to continue to recruit me, continue to recruit me.

"So A&M has done so and SMU has done so. Myles likes SMU but there's nothing definitive. They've just been out a couple times."

According to Villines, Turner was fully aware of Brown's attendance though he prefers to keep his nose to the grindstone.

"He knew but he takes it all with a grain of salt. He doesn't say anything about anybody being there," Villines said. "He's really humble and he just goes with the flow. When Duke's there he doesn't acknowledge it and when Texas is there, he just goes about his business."

But none of this means the Mustangs are out of contention for the 6-foot-10 star. Anything can happen in recruiting.

"You know, I think it's still pretty wide open to be honest. He might not sign until May," Villines said. "So he's just still getting a feel for it all right now and taking it all in. As far as there being a front runner or anybody with a specific chance, I don't think there is."

And that definitely bodes well for SMU. The next step for Brown and company would be getting Turner on campus to watch the Mustangs in new Moody.

So far Turner has taken one of the five official visits he's allowed by the NCAA. The senior is planning to take the other four, but it is unlikely that SMU will be hosting him for one of them since he could easily make an unofficial.

"The only official he's taken was up to Ohio State, and he has not decided on where he's going to take his other four," Villines said. "He'll take it to one of those schools-- Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, Texas or Oklahoma State."

Although Turner is regarded as the best big man in the Class of 2014 still left on the board, some say there are obvious weaknesses in his game and others think he's over rated. Villines, however, believes Turner, who is averaging 18.8 points and 12.2 rebounds per game, is still evolving.

"If he can really fine tune something for the next level it's going to be taking his guy off the bounce around the perimeter," Villines said. "At the next level you know, he's probably going to play a four. He can shoot it fine. He's the best three-point shooter on our team.

"If he can create some offensive moves out there where he can get by a man or shot fake, pull up hit the jumper – those type things, it's just going to make him that much tougher."

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