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We evaluate a trio of SMU basketball prospects inside!

Tyler Williams- SG, Hebron (2015)

Scoring: Williams is a complete combo guard that does a great job of getting to the basket. He breaks down defenses with his ball handling skills and gets the defense in trouble by drawing multiple fouls. Williams can also score well through contact and is a great finisher at the rim. He is still a little bit streaky as a jump shooter, but has the ability to knock down shots from deep. Once he develops his jumper a little bit more, Williams has the potential to be a very tough cover.

Playmaking Ability: Williams' uses his dribble-drive capabilities to making things happen for his teammates. He does a great job of penetrating the defense and finding an open man. However, Williams needs to get a little bit stronger and continue to play aggressively on offense. He doesn't always force the action and can forget to keep his teammates involved. When he is playing smart and under control, Williams has an incredible ability to create and finish around the basket.

Defense: Williams is a very underrated defender and rebounder at his position. He uses his length and athleticism to be constantly disruptive on the defensive end. Williams is also a really good rebounder for his size and does a great job of constantly attacking the glass. He is versatile enough to guard multiple positions and is a terrific one-on-one defender. Although he is known as a dangerous player on offense, Williams might have even greater potential on defense.

Side Note: Williams is a member of Urban DFW Elite in AAU.

Offers: SMU, Creighton Houston, Iowa State, San Jose State, Texas A&M, and Tulsa.

Measureables: 6-4, 180

Ranking: A three-star in the Class of 2015.


Andrew Dotson- PG/SG, Arlington-Martin (2015)

Scoring: One of Dotson's biggest strengths is his ability to shoot the basketball. He is an excellent knockdown shooter with great touch and an incredibly quick release. Dotson also does a great job of creating offense by getting to the basket with his good ball handling skills. He is a willing passer, but also has very deep range and does a great job of stretching out defenses with his shooting. Although Dotson isn't very athletic, he could be a very valuable asset for any offense.

Playmaking Ability: Dotson does a great job of making plays with his ball handling skills and passing ability. He has incredible handles and understands how to distribute an offense as a point guard. Dotson is also a good passer and doesn't turn the ball over very often. He needs to improve on his strength, but he has the ability to finish in traffic and hit pull-up jumpers consistently. Dotson isn't flashy, but he is tough, smart, and understands the game very well.

Defense: Dotson needs to get a lot stronger and quicker on the defensive end. He struggles guarding bigger and more athletic shooting guards, but doesn't have the lateral quickness to stay with point guards. Although he will collect a few steals a game, Dotson has to work on his footwork on defense and improve his rebounding. He is ineffective on the glass and can completely disappear defensively at times. Dotson will need to improve a lot on this end before college.

Side Note: Dotson is a member of the Dallas Showtyme Elite in AAU.

Offers: Arkansas State

Measureables: 6-1, 160

Ranking: Unranked in the Class of 2015.


Marques Bolden- PF/C, DeSoto HS (2016)

Scoring: Bolden has great potential as a big man because of his feet and hands. He has great footwork in the post and uses his upper body strength to help him finish through contact. Bolden is also developing a jumper and has started to expand his range. He is at his best when playing down low, grabbing offensive rebounds, and throwing down put back dunks. Once he masters a couple of go-to post moves and a mid-range shot, Bolden will be a very scary scorer in the post.

Ball Skills: Bolden is an underrated playmaker from the post. He plays great with his back to the basket and is a very willing and able passer. Bolden has a good basketball IQ and understands how to set up his teammates to score. His skill and unselfishness in the post, along with his energy make him a really tough cover for opponents. Bolden still turns the ball over too often and needs to work on his jump shot more, but he is close to being a complete offensive player.

Defense: Bolden has a lot of work to do on the defensive end, especially as a one-on-one defender. At 6-foot-9, he is too undersized to defend centers and not athletic enough to guard some power forwards. However, Bolden does a great job on the glass because of his incredible strength and toughness. He is a terrific rebounder and will collect multiple blocks because of his ability to help and react off the ball. Hopefully, Bolden will continue to improve his defense before college.

Side Note: Bolden is a member of the Texas Select in AAU, which makes him teammates with fellow SMU target Myles Turner.

Offers: None

Measureables: 6-9, 225

Ranking: Unranked in the Class of 2016.


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