SMU Bubble Watch

Come inside as we compare SMU's profile to other bubble teams!

SMU (15-4)

RPI: 44

SOS: 118

Key wins: UCONN by 9

Bad losses: Arkansas by 11

Key remaining games: 2 vs. Memphis, vs. Cincinnati, at UCONN, vs. Louisville

Season Recap: Game in and game out, the Mustangs have rebounded well and played restricting defense. SMU has struggled offensively at times, but its defense carries the load and will continue to once March roles around. If McDonald's All-American Keith Frazier can get going offensively, and if JUCO transfer Yanick Moreira can return healthy, you won't want to play the Mustangs in the first round of the tournament.

Texas (15-4)

RPI: 34

SOS: 54

Key wins: Iowa State by 10, Kansas State by 3

Bad losses: BYU by 4

Key Remaining games: 2 vs. Baylor, 2 vs. Kansas, at Kansas State

Season Recap: Texas has solidified itself as one of the up-and-coming teams in the Big 12. The Longhorns, who will play eight of their final 12 games against ranked opponents, have solid interior defense and can rebound well, but they'll have to show they can play with the big boys down the stretch. Edge: Texas

BYU (13-7)

RPI: 40

SOS: 10

Key wins: Stanford by 9, Texas by 4

Bad losses: LMU by 11, Pepperdine by 6, Utah by 17

Key remaining games: 2 vs. Gonzaga, 2 vs. Saint Mary's

Season Recap: During the first half of the season, the Cougars showed that they can play up to their opponents such as Stanford and Texas, but they also showed that they can play down to their opponents such as Pepperdine and Loyola Marymount. BYU doesn't not have a tough remaining schedule, but if they can take a couple games against Gonzaga and Saint Mary's, they'll have a better shot at making the tournament. Edge: SMU.

Green Bay (16-3)

RPI: 47

SOS: 133

Key wins: Virginia by 3

Bad losses: Eastern Michigan by 9

Key remaining games: None

Season Recap: Green Bay took care of the games they were supposed to win, but couldn't pull out the upsets over Wisconsin and Harvard, which would've turned some heads. The Phoenix have two great veterans leading the way in point guard Kiefer Sykes and 7-foot-1 center Alec Brown, but they lack depth which is never good in college basketball. Edge: SMU

UCONN (15-4)

RPI: 36

SOS: 59

Key wins: Florida by 1, Memphis by 10

Bad losses: Houston by 4

Key remaining games: 2 vs. Cincinnati, vs. Memphis, vs. SMU, at Louisville

Season Recap: The Huskies started off as one of the hottest teams in college basketball, winning their first nine games before losing three out of the next five games. They relied heavily on their senior leader Shabazz Napier, who leads the team in points, assists and steals, which is why they stumbled some. The Huskies bounced back, however, with a huge win at Memphis. Should be interesting to see if Connecticut can find their identity, because if they can, they'll be very dangerous. Edge: SMU.

Tennessee (12-6)

RPI: 48

SOS: 20

Key wins: Xavier by 15, Virginia by 35

Bad losses: UTEP by 8, Texas A&M by 1

Key remaining games: 2 vs. Florida, 2 vs. Missouri

Season Recap: Tennessee has won some nice games this season against Virginia, Arkansas and Xavier, but they also lost to UTEP and Texas A&M, two teams they were supposed to take care of. Because the SEC is somewhat of a weaker conference, it will be important for the Volunteers to take advantage of their opportunities against teams like Florida, Ole Miss and Missouri. Edge: SMU.

Providence (14-5)

RPI: 45

SOS: 73

Key wins: Creighton by 13, Georgetown by 18

Bad losses: Seton Hall by 1

Key remaining games: at Xavier, at Georgetown, vs. Villanova, at Creighton

Season Recap: The Friars had tough losses against Villanova and Massachusetts, but are currently on a four-game win streak and things are starting to look up. Providence, led by four scorers who average no less than 12 points per game, will face quality opponents and need to steal a few wins to secure a spot in the tournament. The Friars don't have the defense to go deep in the tournament, but their scoring ability could help them get their foot in the door. Edge: SMU.

California (14-5)

RPI: 42

SOS: 88

Key wins: Stanford by 7, Oregon by 13

Bad losses: UCSB by 7, USC by 8

Key remaining games: 2 vs. UCLA, 2 vs. Arizona, 2 vs. Arizona State

Season Recap: In one of the tougher conferences in college basketball, the Bears have put together a solid resume and should be able to grab a few more quality wins with the opponents that they'll face. California has a balanced offensive attack, but is shooting just 69 percent from the free throw line which could come back to hurt them if the game is on the line. Edge: California

Harvard (14-3)

RPI: 56

SOS: 193

Key wins: Green Bay by 12

Bad losses: FAU by 5

Key remaining games: 2 vs. Princeton

Season Recap: Harvard's two toughest games, against Colorado and Connecticut, were both close losses, which bodes well for them considering if they had been blown out of those game they would not be projected to make the field at this point. The Crimson will not be challenge much in the Ivy league, but they can't overlook their 2 possible trap games against rival Princeton. Edge: SMU

Stanford (12-5)

RPI: 49

SOS: 48

Key wins: UCONN by 2, Oregon by 2

Bad losses: Oregon St. by 9

Key remaining games: 2 vs. UCLA, 2 vs. Arizona

Season Recap: Stanford plays in one of the deepest conference in college basketball, but it has not backed down from the challenge. The Cardinal do have four players averaging double-figure scoring, but there is not much depth after that which will come back to bight them against some of the more talented teams. Stanford still has games remaining against Arizona, UCLA and Colorado, where it will have to prove its relevance. Edge: SMU

North Carolina (11-7)

RPI: 58

SOS: 21

Key wins: Louisville by 9, Michigan State by 14, Kentucky by 5

Bad losses: UAB by 4, Belmont by 3, Wake Forest by 6

Key remaining games: 2 vs. Duke, 2 vs. Notre Dame

Season Recap: If you just looked at the teams the Tar Heels have beaten this season, you would think it'd be a no-brainer to pin them as a number one seed. Think again. UNC has been everything but consistent this season. Come tournament time, you don't want to play this team on the off chance you catch them while they're hot, but 18 games into the season, UNC still hasn't figured things out. Edge: North Carolina

Toledo (16-2)

RPI: 39

SOS: 177

Key wins: Akron by 14

Bad losses: Western Michigan by 11

Key remaining games: at Ohio

Season Recap: The Rockets can flat out score the basketball. With five players averaging at least 10 points per game and an offense that sports interior and perimeter threats, you don't want to be playing Toledo when they get into a rhythm. The Rockets have a nice mix of young and old talent, but it will be interesting to see if they can compete with the cream of the crop come March. Edge: SMU

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