Hoops Practice Notebook

Come inside for exclusive notes and tidbits from today's practice!

Larry Brown Upset Over South Florida Loss

The South Florida loss is clearly weighing on Larry Brown's mind. When asked if his team was feeling better after a couple of players fell ill last week, Brown joked, "No, we're probably all sick after the South Florida game. Maybe it's a different kind of sickness. I don't think anybody's real happy with the way we played, but health-wise we're making progress." But Brown became very serious when asked about his team's problems playing on the road this season. "Everybody struggles on the road in conference. Check the records. Even as badly as South Florida's done, they're much better (at home). But great teams and great programs embrace going on the road," Brown said. "They'd much rather play on the road in a hostile environment and take that challenge. We got to get that point, and hopefully we can." Another issue Coach Brown had with the game-- rebounding. Specifically, he called out Nic Moore, Shawn Williams, Sterling Brown and Nick Russell for playing a combined 119 minutes but grabbing only two boards between the four of them.

Nic Moore Has Room To Improve

Since his miserable first half against Houston on Sunday, Nic Moore has been putting on a clinic with his shooting. But Coach Brown still expects more from his starting point guard. "He shot the ball well. He's taking better shots, and he's a terrific shooter. We got to get him to do the other things a little bit better, which I think he's capable of," Brown said. "We got to get him to get more people involved and defend better. He's capable of making shots and he's capable of being a great point guard both offensively and defensively. That's what he's got to work on." Moore did not look interested in shooting the ball today and made a number of nice passes, including a couple of lobs to Ben Moore and Markus Kennedy. But Moore left practice after only a half an hour.

Yanick Moreira Questionable For Saturday

Last week, SMU starting center Yanick Moreira tweeted the date of Saturday's game against Memphis, creating hope that he was targeting that game for his return from a partial MCL tear. Brown would not rule out the possibility but did not seem overly optimistic. "We'll see how he does today. We got today and tomorrow to see how he does. He hasn't had any contact, but he'll play if he's able," Brown said. Moreira practiced with the team while they ran offensive plays against air but left once the team started playing against each other. At first, Moreira looked extremely stiff and rusty, but he warmed up the more he played. He was on the receiving end of a lob from Keith Frazier, which the big man layed in. Moreira even managed a dunk shortly before going to work on his jump shot by himself. The entire time he was out there, Moreira had a big smile on his face.

Frazier Has Off-Day

Keith Frazier had a miserable day at practice. At first, his jump shot was not falling, though he corrected that as the practice went on. But Coach Brown and the rest of the staff were frequently upset with the freshman's effort on both sides of the floor, especially with his lazy passing. When Frazier finally did decide to attack the basket, his dunk attempt was soundly rejected by Cannen Cunningham. Frazier did make a couple of nice steals at the end of practice and was running harder at the end than he was at the beginning.

Quick Hits

• The team watched film for an hour and a half before heading to Moody for practice.

Ryan Manuel ahad a poor start to practice. He really struggled with his midrange jumper and he made a couple of weak drives the basket that were easily stopped.

• But Manuel made up for it with solid defense and a big dunk over Sterling Brown that caused the coaching staff to break into applause.

• Russell had the highlight of practice with a monster dunk over Cunningham and Manuel that caused the coaching staff to erupt and Williams to run across the court with his hand over his mouth.

• Cunningham set a perfect screen to free Crandall Head up for a jump shot.

• After Ben Moore set a screen on Russell to get him away from Manuel, Russell recovered perfectly to prevent Manuel's easy layup attempt.

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