5 Recruits SMU Whiffed On

Pony Stampede lists the top five recruits SMU whiffed on

1. Xavier Washington – I just don't get it. Xavier Washington had an incredibly productive season for Cedar Hill, was the defensive MVP of the state championship and still did not receive and offer from SMU. Then, SMU went out to Cedar Hill and offered DaMarkus Lodge and still failed to offer Washington. The guy held offers from Yale, Houston, Nevada, Air Force and ended up committing to Northwestern so the issue clearly had nothing to do with grades. I wish I could get some clarification here because with SMU's set of needs, Washington's location and production and his good but not great offer list, I can't figure out why they didn't send him an offer. They must have quite a bit of faith in the young guys on the rise.

2. Cedric Johnson- When SMU visited one of Johnson's practices to let him know he held a full scholarship from them, the defensive lineman initially seemed interested because his recruiting was just beginning to pick up. But Johnson, like many other big time recruits SMU has haphazardly targeted, said he did not know who his recruiter was and didn't recall speaking to him. When SMU has a prospect that they know will pick up offers from BCS conference schools, the logical thing to do would be to recruit them harder. They failed to do so with Johnson, and he ended up committing to Louisiana Tech-- a school that (in my opinion) SMU should be able to compete with in terms of recruiting.

3. Desmon White – Yes, he's small. No, he won't be able to play quarterback at the next level. No, it isn't guaranteed that his game will transition. It's true… it's all true… but you know what else is true? His 7,110 passing yards, 2,839 rushing yards and 99 total touchdowns in two seasons. I watched White in the semifinals against Allen, and the guy's ability to make defenders miss is second to none. He makes big plays, period. His speed and quickness would have been perfect for the Mustangs' offense, and I think he could have earned his keep in the slot. His only other offers were from TCU and North Texas.

4. Tyler Harris – The most celebrated commit in recent times had second thoughts about being the SMU savior. The four-star quarterback had SMU fans giddy about his future on the Hilltop until he took notice of the stellar season George O'Leary put together at UCF despite Garret Gilbert lighting up the stat sheet. With Blake Bortles receiving top ten draft pick hype, Harris believed that the Knights would be a better fit for him and felt more ‘comfortable' at UCF.

5. Trae Hart – Hart put up insane numbers at Dallas First Baptist and only received two offers from Tulane and Purdue. What's interesting to me is the fact that Hart specifically said he would be willing to consider other schools if they were to offer and individually named SMU as a school he was interested in. Hart has good height and speed, great hands, an exceptional ability to adjust to poorly thrown footballs. He runs great routes and is a natural playmaker. SMU already has a myriad of wide receivers so I can see why they may have decided not to offer, but Hart would have been a nice pickup.

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