5 Signees That Could Contribute Immediately

Pony Stampede lists five players that could contribute immediately

1. Daniel Gresham. Barring a major injury, Daniel Gresham will be the starting running back for SMU as a freshman next season. As good as the four-star recruit is, this is more a result of the SMU coaching staff's previous failures recruiting this position. With Traylon Shead entering the NFL draft and Prescott Line struggling last season, SMU desperately needed a power runner to pair with K.C. Nlemchi and got their man in Gresham, the No. 1 ranked full back in this year's class. Gresham bull-rushed his way to 923 yards and 19 touchdowns on just 93 carries. By necessity, Gresham will see a lot of carries right away for SMU and will leave Mustang fans with Zach Line flashbacks.

2. Kadeem Goulbourne. The top wide receiver in this year's class, Kadeem Goulbourne had a lot of different options ranging from Wisconsin to Mississippi but settled with SMU because of its previous success with wide receivers and the chance to contribute right away. Goulbourne is big at 6-foot-4, 186-pounds and will win a lot of jump balls against smaller cornerbacks. With Keenan Holman, graduating, Goulbourne will be able to step right and fill his spot.

3. Inoke Ngalo. After Gresham and Goulbourne, this list became considerably harder to compile. By nature of being one of the highest ranked recruits in this class, three-star linebacker Inoke Ngalo will have higher expectations on him that many of the other members of the class. He is undersized but strong and has a knack for finding the ball carrier, as evident by his 137 tackles this season. Most likely, Ngalo will start the season on special teams but a strong performance there and in practice could earn him defensive snaps as the season goes on.

4. Jordan Ingram- Although there was a huge panic when TCU tried to swoop in on him at the last second, Jordan Ingram is not the most talented player in this recruiting class. But what makes him invaluable in June Jones' system is his versatility. Ingram can play slot and outside receiver and will be able to contribute in many ways for the Mustangs. Chances are he will contribute as a kick or punt returner early in the season before getting more chances at the receiver position as the season continues.

5. Anthony Wilkinson- This last pick is by no means a sure thing, but then again neither is most of SMU's recruiting class. But cornerback Anthony 'Sidney' Wilkinson should bring a toughness to the SMU secondary that has been severely lacking. Spending a year at Army Prep should mean that the lanky defender is better prepared for the rigors of the college game. Another late addition to this year's class, Wilkinson is a good athlete who played both corner and receiver in high school. With the state of SMU's secondary last season, a strong performance in the summer could earn Wilkinson early snaps for the Mustangs.

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