Grading The SMU Coaching Staff

We dish out grades to all of SMU's recruiters inside!

Eric Daniels- Daniels has the potential to be SMU's best recruiter. SMU made a great move by assigning him to Cedar Hill and should put him in charge of neighboring DeSoto and Lancaster. It was his first year as a full time coach, so he didn't have as big of an impact as he could have. But he definitely has a bright future. And he did a great job of holding on to Jordan Ingram. Grade: A-. Lands: Jordan Ingram, Michael Epley

Carlos Boracio-Leon- Stop laughing. Boracio-Leon landed a prospect with multiple offers at a position of need. Give him some credit. Grade: B. Lands: Jackson Koonce

Bert Hill- Much like Mason, Hill puts in the effort. I've actually heard some positive reviews about him from high school coaches, and he makes trips to East Texas often. Hill landed some players from that part of the state this year, but they're all diamonds in the rough. Still, there were no complaints from recruits about a lack of contact. Grade: C+. Lands: Caleb Tuiasosopo, Anthony Rhone, Chris Jefferson, Jordan Severt

Wes Suan- It's pretty disappointing that Suan hasn't reeled in very many kids from the San Antonio area. Stil, there weren't many reports of Suan not keeping in contact with recruits, but there weren't many reports of him putting in much extra effort either. Overall, it seems like he just landed his three offensive linemen, and that's it. Grade: C-. Lands: Nick Natour, Chad Pursley, Evan Brown

Tom Mason- Mason usually does a decent job of keeping in contact with recruits. But he lost Nate Gaines late and it took him a while to just answer to accept commitments from the Army Prep kids. Yes, he does go out to local schools and puts in some effort, but even guys like Inoke Ngalo, who he offered, don't remember his name. Overall, it seems like he wants to do a good job, he just isn't an effective recruiter. Grade: C-. Lands: Elijah Anglin, Shaun Kagawa, Anthony Wilkinson, J.R. Reed, Inoke Ngalo, Jordan Wyatt

Jason Phillips- Let's start with the positives. Phillips went down to Houston early to make some in-school visits and did the same late in the process as well. He kept all of his commits and even landed a late sleeper in Ryheem Malone. Now the negatives. Phillips still does a terrible job of keeping in contact with recruits and mostly just goes through their coaches. And a lot of times, recruits are confused about whether they have an offer from him or not-- remember the Emmanuel Harris debacle. And he's still very dependent on Houston Lamar. He's built a good pipeline with the school, but he's not even landing the best players from there-- John Bonney and John Plattenburg. A lot of his later offers seemed like he was just trying to fill a position of need with the first player he felt would commit. That's not what I expect from an ‘ace' recruiter. Grade: C-. Lands: Braylon Hyder, Darrell Colbert, Shelby Walker, Ryheem Malone, Kyran Mitchell, Darius Durall

Dan Morrison- Mr. I didn't even know I was recruiting Cedar Hill actually came away with the most impressive commit in this class, which is why he didn't get an F. I know he didn't do much to land Daniel Gresham, but at least he got him to commit. Grade: D. Lands: Daniel Gresham, Tony Richards

Derrick Odum- Well so much for June Jones saying the move to the AAC was going to help SMU's presence in Florida. Odum came away with just two commits from the Sunshine State. Kadeem Goulbourne was a big one, but the bottom line is he needs to do a better job there or SMU just needs to abandon Florida. Grade: D-. Lands: Kadeem Goulbourne, William Jeanlys

June Jones- It was more of the same from Jones this year. He didn't really get involved until official visit season rolled around, he didn't establish relationships with local coaches, he vacationed in Hawaii, he took recruits based on old buddy's recommendations and he brought in another lackluster class. Grade: F

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