Hot Button: Who Is The Best 2014 WR?

The Pony Stampede staff debates which 2014 commit is the best wide receiver in the class

EJ argues for Jordan Ingram-Billy is going to give you all this nonsense about Kadeem Goulbourne being the big, physical wide out SMU needs. But forget that. We don't even know if he's going to bounce back from his injury.

It's all about speed in the Run N' Shoot offense, and Jordan Ingram has plenty of it. The Dallas Carter product is a home run threat who has the potential to be the best wide out in the AAC one day. Ingram runs a legit 4.34 forty and his athleticism drew at late offer from TCU at cornerback. Ingram can flat out fly, and there is no doubt he's the best receiver in this class.

Billy argues for Kadeem Goulbourne- The SMU staff had to go out and land a big, physical wide receiver and Derrick Odum went down to Florida and landed a good one. Although Goulbourne had a setback with his rehab on his broken foot and will not be able to enroll early like he originally planned, he is still extremely talented.

His really long arms that allow him to keep defenders off of him and go up for the ball easily, which will be a true asset in the red zone. Goulbourne lacks elite speed, but as he put on weight, he may be able to look a little like Alshon Jeffery. Goulbourne does a nice job catching the ball away from his body and with some polishing of his route running, could compete for some early playing time.

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