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We evaluate a trio of SMU basketball prospects inside!

Chris Silva- PF, Roselle Catholic (NJ)

Scoring: Silva is a very raw and unpolished offensive player. He doesn't have any post moves, so he struggles with his back to the basket. However, he is a freak athlete and terrific offensive rebounder. Silva runs the floor really well and throws down some big-time dunks. He is also a very capable mid-range shooter and plays incredibly hard at all times. Silva's offensive game relies heavily around his length and athleticism right now, but he has very high upside.

Athleticism: Silva's best trait is his freak athleticism. He runs the floor really well for his size and does a great job on the offensive and defensive glass. Silva loves doing the dirty work that most post players don't. He sets screens and fights for every loose ball. Silva also does a good job of using his athleticism in the paint. He is a good finisher because he is quick off his feet and doesn't shy away from contact. Silva maybe raw, but his athleticism has college coaches intrigued.

Defense: Silva is one of the best defensive players in his class. Although he doesn't have a big frame, he does a great job of contesting and blocking a lot of shots. Along with being a gifted rim protector, Silva's energy and length also make him a terrific rebounder on both ends. He takes pride in protecting his area in the paint and fights opponents for every ball. Silva's instincts and athleticism mean he could be a defensive anchor in college once he puts on more weight.

Side Note: SMU offered Silva this past weekend.

Offers: SMU, Cincinnati, Creighton, Fordham, Rutgers, Seton Hall, South Florida, Syracuse and Villanova.

Measureables: 6-9, 210

Ranking: A four-star in the class of 2015 and No. 11 ranked power forward.


Markis McDuffie- SF, St. Anthony HS (NJ)

Scoring: McDuffie is a complete basketball player who can do it all on the court. He is a versatile scorer that finishes well at the basket and beats defenders out on the perimeter. McDuffie is also a good athlete and shooter. He has a smooth, quick release and can knock down contested jumpers. But McDuffie will need to work on shot selection and passing before college. With the right coaching, he has the speed, athleticism and shooting ability to be a tough cover.

Playmaking Ability: McDuffie could be a tall shooting guard or a wing player in college. He is versatile enough to play in any style offense and will find a way to score a lot of points. McDuffie is also a good passer and has good leadership skills. He doesn't always take smart shots but rarely turns the ball over because of his great ball handling and instincts. McDuffie has the frame, athleticism and ball skills to be a really good college player as he continues to develop.

Defense: McDuffie is an underrated defender. He has good length and athleticism that allows him to guard multiple positions and be effective. But McDuffie needs to work on his rebounding and shot blocking. At 6-foot-7, McDuffie is almost exclusively a perimeter defender and never competes for rebounds in the paint. If McDuffie can find a coach that will keep him engaged defensively, he could develop into a very solid defensive player in college.

Side Note: McDuffie is a member of Sports U in AAU. Larry Brown is going to watch him in action this week.

Offers: Boston College, Buffalo, Fordham, Quinnipiac, Seton Hall, and St. Peters.

Measureables: 6-7, 180

Ranking: Unranked in the Class of 2015.


McDuffie does not have one. But you can watch one of his full games below:

Austin Grandstaff- SG, Rockwall

Shooting: Grandstaff's biggest strength is his ability to flat out shoot the basketball. He has close to unlimited range on his jumper and can be very dangerous when he gets hot. Grandstaff has a great release on his jumper and does a good job of getting open. But he needs to add more weight to his frame and work on his playmaking ability or he will just be a specialist. Either way, Grandstaff is an asset to any team because of his shooting ability and unlimited range.

Playmaking Ability: Grandstaff is a very skilled player with a high basketball IQ. He is a good ball handler and has proven to be an underrated passer. Grandstaff is also a good athlete and can put the ball on the floor. He still needs to create more for his teammates and get stronger to help him deal with contact, but Grandstaff is tough, plays hard and understands his role on the team. Although he isn't the flashiest player, he would be a great addition to any program.

Defense: The biggest question with Grandstaff is about his ability to defend college wings. He isn't very strong or athletic and has struggled to keep up with explosive scorers. Grandstaff will need to get a lot stronger before college and work on his one-on-one defense. He also needs to become a better rebounder and work on his toughness. Grandstaff is really had to stop on offense, but has a lot of work to do as a defensive player before college or he will be a liability.

Side Note: Grandstaff is a member of Team Texas in AAU. He recently decommited from Oklahoma State and reopened up his recruitment. Grandstaff, who leads Texas-5A in scoring at 26 points per game, told me he will visit SMU at some point this season.

Offers: SMU, Alabama, Arizona, Creighton, Iowa State, Marquette, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Oregon, Texas A&M, Washington, Western Kentucky and Xavier.

Measureables: 6-5, 190

Ranking: A four-star in the class of 2015 and No. 11 ranked shooting guard.


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