Lott Talks SMU Visit

Byrd (LA) combo guard Chad Lott talks about his interest in SMU inside!

The transformation that SMU basketball has gone through the past couple of years has been nothing short of extraordinary.

One recruit with a unique perspective on the change is three-star combo-guard Chad Lott of Byrd (LA), who visited for the SMU-Cincinnati matchup on Saturday.

"I felt like that was amazing. The SMU atmosphere was crazy. That was my first time seeing the new SMU gym so that was nice. It won't be my last," Lott said. "I went to an SMU game a long time ago with my brother when he was there, and there was like 400 fans. It wasn't at all like it is now."

Lott took full-advantage of his first trip to the Hilltop as a recruit, even going on a campus tour with SMU assistant coach Ulric Maligi.

"I talked to Coach Maligi when I first got there. I got there early so I could talk to them before everything started. Coach Maligi took me on a small tour of the campus," Lott said. "I like the campus. There's not too many people so it's nice.

"I also went to Coach Brown's office to say hello to him. I talk to Coach Brown on a pretty good basis. We talk two or three times a week so we have a relationship where he tells me some of his stories. I believe he said he was going to come visit me this week and if not this week then when playoffs start."

Lott wants to try to get back to Dallas for one more game this season, possibly the home finale against Louisville. If not, he will definitely be watching the games on television.

"I like that I can sit down and watch them and keep up with how they doing," Lott said. "I can't go to all of their games but at least I can see them on TV."

Lott has received interest from numerous schools, including Baylor, North Carolina, Oklahoma State, Arizona State, Memphis, and UCLA.

But the three schools that have separated themselves by how hard they are recruiting Lott are SMU, Creighton and LSU.

"SMU has been contacting me a lot. The other school is Creighton and then LSU are probably the top three based on how they been recruiting," Lott said. "Probably SMU and Creighton are about equal (on my list) and LSU is right behind there."

While Lott and his family enjoyed being able to make a short road trip to Dallas from Shreveport, geography will not play into Lott's decision.

"It could be important to be but it's not going to be important to me where I make my decision because of that. My goal is to make the NBA and I'm trying to put myself in the best position to make that happen," Lott said. "My family did like that though. They like the fact that I could go to school that they could drive to."

With his junior season winding down, Lott is about to enter the most intense period of his high school recruitment, but he would rather keep the focus on basketball. Lott is averaging over 20 points per game and has notched multiple triple-doubles so far.

"I'm not really worried too much about the recruitment. I just want to do the best I can over the summer. When my high school season ends, I want to make sure I get in the weight room, get in the gym, work hard so I can have a successful summer," Lott said. "I don't know when (I'm going to make a decision), but it will probably be after the summer."

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