3 Up, 3 Down: SMU vs. Memphis

We share three positives and three negatives from SMU's loss!

3 Up

1. Nic and Nick. Moore and Russell combined for 29 points and 10 assists in the Mustangs' final regular season game, but it wasn't enough. The duo had seven of the teams 17 turnovers, but they were able to hold this offense together. SMU took 60 shots on the day, good for 40 percent from the field, but Moore and Russell took 25 of SMU's 60 shots and they were able to capitalize.

2. Pressure. Although the team only had 11 steals, SMU still forced 18 turnovers by Memphis and was able to frustrate their veteran guards at times, but Memphis was able to dictate the pace for most of the game. SMU didn't have the players to truly run with Memphis, but the pressure the team did cause at times kept them in the game before Memphis got red hot from three-point range and pulled away.

3. Points off Turnovers. SMU's ability to capitalize on turnovers kept them in the game when Memphis started to try and run with the ball. Not only did SMU have 17 total points off turnovers, the team was able to get out and run, scoring 19 of their points on the fast break. SMU had to try and run with Memphis dictating the pace and the team was able to force turnovers and run the floor well enough.

3 Down

1. Defensive Rebounding. SMU has had trouble the past couple weeks at limiting opponents' offensive rebounding and today was no different. Memphis grabbed 14 offensive rebounds and while the team held Shaq Goodwin to just two points, Austin Nichols was able to add 14 points and nine rebounds.

2. Poor Start. Both teams were extremely sloppy early and were out of control, something you wouldn't expect from two teams coming off of losses. SMU was 2-10 shooting at one point and was turning the ball over constantly. SMU picked up a few fouls in the first four minutes of the game, including Cannen Cunningham lasting just 18 seconds as a starter before picking up two fouls. SMU can't start like that in the AAC tournament, especially if the team gets the unlucky draw of facing Memphis in Memphis again.

3. Ben Moore. The freshman that hasn't played like a freshman all year, but the last two games, Moore hasn't played well at all. Today, Moore had zero points, zero rebounds and three fouls. SMU has to have Moore play better in the conference tournament because he is a big secondary scorer for the team and a high-energy defender. Today, he looked out of place and was outshined by Nichols, a fellow freshman.

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