Hoops Practice Report 3/17

We have exclusive interviews and practice notes from SMU's first practice after missing out on the NCAA Tournament so come inside!

Larry Brown

Shawn Williams

Quick Hits:

-The team watched film for a few minutes and practiced in Moody Coliseum.

-Football coach June Jones was there at the beginning of practice and talked to the team about dealing with adversity. There is more on that in Larry Brown's interview above.

-Every player decided to wear high white socks today. There was no reason in particular, but it looked cool to see them all unified. Overall, however, the atmosphere at practice was pretty quiet and depressing.

-Larry Brown started the day off reminding all the players that it's "all about 3 more weeks with Nick and Shawn. We want as much time with these guys as possible and we want to send them out right."

-Yanick Moreira had his knee taped up, but he looked much healthier. The coaches told him the team is going to need him this Wednesday as they take on 7-foot-6, 290 pounder center Mamadou Ndiaye from UC-Irvine.

-Tim Jankovich and Ulric Maligi worked with the big men and continuously brought up Ndiaye. Williams and Moreira seemed excited to take on the challenge and repeated "7-foot-6, man" to each other jokingly a lot.

-Keith Frazier and Nic Moore both shot the ball well today. Ryan Manuel also had a nice practice. Larry Brown, Eric Snow, and K.T. Turner worked with the guards today and emphasized finishing better at the basket.

-Frazier was also limited in practice with a lower back injury.

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