Football Practice Notebook (3/18)

We were out at practice today and have an exclusive interview with Shakiel Randolph and notes!

Shakiel Randolph

Quick Hits:

-Conner Preston was slinging it deep today, but overthrew a few receivers including a wide-open Anthony Buffini.

-Cedric Lancaster had a few nice sideline catches on corner routes and looked smooth out there.

The team was in shoulder pads today, but that didn't stop a few good pops from the defense from happening.

Neal Burcham missed high on a redzone slant route to Jeremiah Gaines, who couldn't get up for the ball.

The offensive line struggled a bit today, forcing the quarterbacks to tuck it and run when protection broke down.

The receivers did drop a few short passes today due to them not tucking the ball away.

Darius Joseph did look good out there, catching the ball and finishing well by running 20 yards down the field after any catch.

June Jones didn't speak with media after practice today.

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