Haskins 'Estactic' About SMU Offer

QB Dwayne Haskins got his first offer and it was from SMU! Come inside to hear his thoughts!

An overwhelming majority of SMU's football recruits come from Texas and the West Coast. However, on Tuesday, the SMU coaches entered uncharted territory when they looked to the East Coast for the next great SMU quarterback. Dwayne Haskins (Gaithersburg, MD/The Bullis School), a Class of 2016 quarterback, was the coaches' target and the recipient of an SMU offer.

"SMU is a great program, great history, the coaching staff is fantastic, they have a really good offense, and they play in a really good conference," Haskins said. "SMU was the first to contact me about recruiting me and said they were going to offer me, so I talked to Coach Morrison and Coach Jones, and that's pretty much how the SMU offer came along. The first time they contacted me was (Tuesday). My coach went to a couple of their coaching clinics, so they knew about me."

Haskins expressed a number of feelings about his first offer.

"I feel great. It's definitely a feeling of relief, all these hard years of working trying to get an offer and I finally get one. I'm ecstatic, I want more to come, and I'm grateful that SMU is my first one."

Haskins said hopes to visit SMU in the summertime.

As a player, Haskins has a great skill set and has had a successful career through two years.

"I feel like I can do pretty much everything. I can throw intermediate, deep, short, read defenses, call audibles and blitzes out, and do a little running," he said. "My sophomore season, we won the IAC championship, I was named All-IAC, I threw 15 touchdowns."

A quarterback with accomplishments and skills like these will attract lots of attention. In addition to SMU, Haskins said that Arizona State, LSU, Georgia, Clemson, Boston College, and Maryland have shown some interest.

"I haven't visited any yet, but I've gone to Maryland, North Carolina, and North Carolina State camp last year," Haskins stated. "Not really any schools stick out from the rest, there's definitely the SEC schools, the schools with the big history and the name that definitely jump out, but I don't have a favorite. I'm interested in all of them, looking into the school academic-wise and where I feel like I can excel."

"When I narrow the schools down, it's pretty much what schools I find that offered me, fit my skill set, which staff I feel most comfortable with."

Haskins is 6-foot-2 and 180 pounds, and says that he is not done growing and thinks he could be 6-foot-5 when he is done. He is originally from New Jersey, but moved to the Washington, D.C. area a year ago.

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