Rapid Reaction: SMU loses to Minnesota

We share our reaction to SMU's loss to Minnesota in the NIT Championship game!

How it Happened:SMU could not match Minnesota's intensity down the stretch and lost in the NIT championship 65-63. SMU's game plan was to attack the paint from the outset it did well for them but they could not keep up with the Golden Gophers' three point shooting and defense. SMU's turnovers down the stretch, particularly from Nick Russell and Ryan Manuel, were too much to overcome.

What it means:SMU's season comes to an end on a low note but overall this season was a success. SMU has come a long ways from the 15-17 squad we saw last year. But for now it is time to focus on football and basketball recruiting.

Side Note:SMU fans were loud at Madison Square Garden tonight. When our program grows even more next season, the Mustangs could have a strong travelling fan base in the near future.

Up Next:Nick Russell and Shawn Williams have played their last game at SMU but now we can look forward to next season with Emmanuel Mudiay and hopefully Jordan Tolbert.

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