Play of the Year

The staff picks this year's Play of the Year for SMU Hoops!

Billy's Pick: Frazier Alley-Oop vs. LSU

Larry Brown said after the LSU game that it was the loudest he has ever heard Moody Coliseum. One of the loudest points of the game was Keith Frazier's alley-oop from Nic Moore with a little over seven minutes to go in the game. The alley-oop put SMU up 12 and the game out of reach for LSU, but most importantly for me, I thought it was the first time since before the Louisville game that SMU looked comfortable on the court. Moore's three-pointer to lift SMU over Cal was obviously the most important play of the year, but Frazier's dunk was the top "Sportscenter" play of the year for me. Had to mix it up because the following plays are headlined by Moore's game-winner.

Omar's Pick: Moore's Game-Winner vs. Cal

There isn't play I will remember more from this season than Nic Moore's game winning three-pointer over California in the NIT quarterfinals. The Mustangs didn't play in a lot of close games this year, but Moore was able to step up under pressure and keep the Mustangs season alive with his shot at home. The image of Moore being carried by his teammates as the Moody Coliseum crowd fills the court and celebrates is the image that defines the season for me. The play was also a total team effort that required a great screen by Kennedy and nice pass from Russell to help set Moore up with just 6.5 seconds left to play. This SMU season will always have a bit of a sting to it because of the NCAA Tournament snub and loss in the NIT Championship, but Moore was able to have the most magical moment of the year in the last game at Moody Coliseum this season.

Adam's Pick: Moore Sends SMU to New York

Nic Moore's shot to send SMU to the NIT semifinals came to mind as soon as I saw this award. But I did not want to pick that play because it was so obvious. So I thought and I though and I thought some more, but no play that came to mind even came close to Moore's big shot. None of SMU's other games came down to such an intense situation and never were the stakes so high when Larry Brown drew up a play in a huddle. So while it may not be the most original pick, it had to be done.

Scott's Pick: Moore's Game-Winner over Cal

Without a doubt, Nic Moore's three-pointer with 6.5 seconds left against California in the quarterfinals of the NIT is the play of the year for SMU. The Mustangs were down all night, and towards the end, it looked as if SMU's magical season was no more. But Nic Moore, like he has all season long, came through in the clutch for the Mustangs. Moore showed no hesitation taking the shot with a hand in his face, and his confident play once again came to the Mustangs' aid.

Beionny's Pick: Final Inbound Play vs. Cal

The first thing that comes to mind for play of the year is obviously Nic Moore winning the Cal game with a three pointer to send the Mustangs to Madison Square Garden... And in reality, it probably is the play of the year. For me, another play that stood out was the down the court inbounds from Sterling Brown to Markus Kennedy to pretty much sign, seal and deliver SMU's ticket to the NIT Championship Game. It symbolizes the big man's makeover from an immobile 300 lbs. to the hustler he is now. It symbolizes Sterling's propensity to always make the smart play and how he always has a low key but important role in the team's success. And finally, it symbolizes Larry Brown's ability to draw up a good play or two every once in a while.

See Moore's Game-Winner Below

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