Ozigbo Wanting to Hear from SMU

Devine Ozigbo was going to visit SMU, but had to change plans. See if he's still planning a visit!

Three-star Sachse (TX) running back Devine Ozigbo had plans of visiting the Hilltop for SMU's junior day, but an opportunity to get up to Oklahoma State derailed those plans.

Instead, the 5-11, 215 pound back with 4.44 speed is left wondering if SMU is still interested.

"I received an invite from them, but I haven't talked to any coaches at all," Ozigbo said. "They came to the school last year, but I haven't heard from them since."

Ozigbo has racked up close to a half-dozen offers so far with more to come. So far, Iowa, Miami (Fla.), UTSA, Tulsa and Utah have offered.

Even though Ozigbo took the OSU visited, he still wants to visit SMU sometime soon and is interested.

"I know my mom is really interested in them because it's lose to home, and she can come visit me and watch my games," Ozigbo said. "If they start showing more interest in me then I might become more interested later on."

It's early in the process for Ozigbo, which is why he's doing his best to enjoy the recruiting process and have fun with it.

Ozigbo's main focus is finding the best fit for him so a time frame really isn't in play with him.

I just want to find the right school that's the best fit for me," Ozigbo said. "I love talking to all the coaches and learning about the coaches. I talk to some of the coaches almost everyday."

Ozigbo's Mustangs went 11-1 and were district champions this season, but fell in the second round to Skyline in the state playoffs.

The Mustangs rode Ozigbo for 947 yards and 13 touchdowns on the season, but what was more impressive was Ozigbo's 6.4 yards per carry.

Even with that success, Ozigbo still wants to get better.

"The offseason has been going. I'm just really working on getting my speed up," Ozigbo said. "Last year was fun, and I think we had a great year."

Ozigbo is optimistic the team can do even better his senior year.

"Next season, we're hopeful our offense is going to be just as good," Ozigbo said. "I hope to help the team anyway I can, and I hope to step up as a leader."

Ozigbo also went to Tulsa's and North Texas' junior days and was also planning a visit to Miami.

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